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big floppy collar only works if you're this guy and/or a canadian lumberjack mutant

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Hugh Jackman is a fellow Aussie who owes his success to copying my style.


Nevertheless I am concerned at the lack of love (Clags excepted) for big shearling collars. Might be advisable to defer my final decision for 24 hours.

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Fwiw, I find the collar awful as well
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Collar that big seems odd on a coat that short.
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Shoot, whenever I ask Clags he always says, "Buy it." Lol
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Originally Posted by jrd617 View Post

thought this would be the proper repository for this image. see banner ad on the right

@in stitches



cox - looks too snug for me.

there are 2 coats i want so bad btw

1. bane coat

2. sherlock coat
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The collar is a bit large, especially for the length, as Doc pointed out, but I think that the disproportionality of the collar is emphasized by the overall discordance of seeing that jacket with a tie and suit pants, regardless of whether you told us to ignore it. I think had it been with jeans and a flannel shirt, our brains would have been much happier with the collar size. As is, our brain feels like the whole fit is wrong and probably then emphasizes everything which isn't quite right.


You also have a big head, so I think it works a bit better.

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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

1. bane coat


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that coat is the shit. ware 2 kop.

@gdl203 can you get a run, ala the frozen waves?
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NMWA x Bane shearling coat?
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lmao like 5 costume companies make a bane coat reproduction. ("venom" dispensing device not included)

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i want the one from the movie. real mccoy. no fake crap.
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Would u settle for Temple of Jawnz if it was still around?

Bet they would have made that jacket if someone requested it
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Personally, this is my grail leather

(Also would love to get my hands on that dolphin statue)

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