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@othertravel posted these

@Jr Mouse

Not a huge SW fan but I think it'd be fun to wear the imperial one and see if anyone notices what symbol it is.

Kinda looks like a soporific "neat" print in navy from afar....


rebel is more obvious

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Aaargghhh!  My MTM suit arrived with the pants made to the wrong dimensions.  The pants on the last one fit well enough that I made no changes.  What I received are pants that fit like jeans.  While this might be fine if the jacket was cut equally slim, it looks ridiculous paired with a conservatively cut jacket on a fairly muscular guy.  :brick:

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What options do you have now?
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Isaia Napoli suit, Kent Wang ps, kiton tie and TM Lewin shirt. Feed back? Color seems to be relatively good I think.

Pants and shoes.
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Ah yes, I see you are wearing a OneSquare. To my eye, the green blue mixes a bit unpleasantly with the muted blue of the tie. Stick the square in more and rearrange it to focus less on the blue of the square and more on the red and tan. Perhaps that'll pick up the brownish orange on the tie.


Also. That camera angle. Could use some work.

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^I think the small scale of the patterns on the jacket and shirt are not good together. Would be better with just a solid light blue or white shirt IMHO. But the major problem is the shoes. Lighter colored shoes, even in a light-medium brown like that, are not that versatile, and especially not for suits. I think a dark brown or, especially if you wore a white shirt, a black shoe, would be much better.

Also I don't know if you're pulling it out just for the pic but tame the pocket square.
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Originally Posted by The Noodles View Post

What options do you have now?


I've e-mailed the company, so hopefully they will take care of it.  Best case scenario, they remake the pants and it's only a 30 day wait.  Worst case scenario, they do nothing and I have to order and pay for an additional pair of pants in order to make the suit wearable.  I would think the first option is the common sense solution, but I've had a few bad experiences lately with shoe MTO's where the retailer was pushing hard to avoid the cost of a remake.  It probably depends on whether the manufacturer and the retailer can decide whose fault it is.

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Feed back appreciated. smile.gif still learning. The Ps made a run for it right before the picture. As far as camera angle, I need to actually invest in a good camera and tripod with a remote. My potato doesn't do the job very well.

Edit: Oh can you comment on my suede loafer problem as well? Navy or snuff? Meermin size related to carmina?
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About the Meermin size, I'd ask in that thread. And I'd stay away from navy until you've got a pretty full shoe rotation and are comfortable with using all of them.

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I have about six shoes in rotation currently. Maybe I'll just hold off until next summer since they won't get too much wear this summer anyways.
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I am in NYC!!! Anybody wanna meet?
...oh dang, my inlaws are wit& me...fudge
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I'd wear that first tie in a heartbeat. Agree the 2nd is a little too obvious.
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So I got a pair of carmina suede string loafers, but they arrived with one of the strings broken. And now they are sold out everywhere (I need a 7.5uk) I am probably going to return them and get a pair of meermin string loafers, but what color would be best? I like the Navy, but my carminas were snuff. And sizing, the carminas were tight, but handsewn which would stretch out to a comfortable fit. Will the meermin loafers behave the same? For reference I'm a 9us/8uk and took an 8uk in carminas soller last.

Email Betty at Carmina and ask her if it would be possible to get a replacement string.

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Originally Posted by The Noodles View Post

I am in NYC!!! Anybody wanna meet?
...oh dang, my inlaws are wit& me...fudge

tell them to get lost. you have more important things to do. like buy clothing and meet internet people.
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^wait @in sitches
Tell the company that sold them to get lost? I'm confused....
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