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Is "navy" being used here interchangably with "blue"? There are many shades of blue ( just ask clags), which along with fabric choice provides variety while maintaining the versatility blue provides.
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Originally Posted by AJL View Post

Is "navy" being used here interchangably with "blue"? There are many shades of blue ( just ask clags), which along with fabric choice provides variety while maintaining the versatility blue provides.

Yes and no.


No navy for sure, but maybe a blue or patterned blue. That's only if there's no good browns. And it kind of doesn't look like there is right now, unless I want to go full on winter weights.

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Gents, thoughts on seersucker odd jackets?

Specifically, this one?

I have $150 KW credit from the previous charity auction so I'd get this at a pretty good price. I own nothing seersucker but thought it may be a nice jacket for humid Boston summers. Would you wear some basic fresco or tropical wool pants and a linen tie with it? Seems a decent combo but willing to hear any and all ideas.
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Looks good to me.

I have an odd seersucker jacket from Corneliani ID in solid tan. It's very nice to wear in the heat with tan pants.

Why not get the full suit from Kent Wang, and wear the jacket with the pants sometimes, and without them at other times? Can pair it with tan cotton pants too.
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Seersucker odd jackets are great, though I think getting the suit and wearing the pants and jacket as separates may be a better plan. Of course, I would not be wild about the matching trousers from the picture you showed. I prefer blue and white seersucker to what is pictured and it is more common / classic, but I don't think there is anything wrong with the one you have your eye on. Just keep in mind it may not add as much versatility to your wardrobe as a blue / white seersucker jacket.
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Alright, so it seems like everyone settled down, so I'd like to welcome you to this thread and to Styleforum. As you noticed, people don't look kindly on folks lacking credibility (which is not to denigrate you in anyway, it's just that you're new and you've not demonstrated your knowledge yet) criticizing those who have done quite a bit to establish their credibility. Now this is not to say that had you been a member for 4-5 years and voiced your dislike of Braddock's (superb) fit, folks wouldn't have disagreed with you. They just would have been more polite about it. Then again, you also could have been more polite about voicing your criticism. But at that point it becomes a chicken and egg debate, who was rude first, escalation, etc etc etc. It won't get us anywhere.


What may get us somewhere is a fresh start. So Welcome Again! The purpose of this thread is really to work on execution of a direction rather than the direction itself. If you say you want to look like XXXX, folks here will do their damndest to get you there. Some members have spent $1000s while others have stuck to eBay (and regulars here trawled high end websites for one and eBay for the other). Ain't no hate here.


So. The big question. What, exactly, do you want to look like?


Second big question. What, exactly, is your timeline for getting there?


Third big question. What, approximately, is your budget?






I'm obviously biased towards blue, but I say get a mid-blue, perhaps with a micro pattern, sport coat before brown. And then get brown.

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Apologies for losing my temper last night and not keeping with the intention of the thread title, but it was the arrogant tone of voice that really got to me.
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Who the fuck is Kira? What is going on? I leave the thread for a few days and...
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Originally Posted by Claghorn View Post






I'm obviously biased towards blue, but I say get a mid-blue, perhaps with a micro pattern, sport coat before brown. And then get brown.

Always love your fits, sir.


Here's what I like.. let me know if these are versatile, in good taste, and.. whatever else, in your eyes. A-D, price-wise. << TRE1043 << TRE1034 and TRE1011 << TRE7722 (Might be a bit loud..) or '4210' on the right side  << TRE7718 (I love the blue one below it but it's out of budget)

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7772 isn't too loud as the windowpane is the same color as the jacket.

4210 is suffering an identity crisis. Can't make up its mind whether it wants to be solid or patterned. I think such items often don't work as viewers' brains don't quite know what to make of them as they form a subconscious impression.

1043 is pretty vivid. I like it a lot, but I have a lot of blue already. I think 1023 is better there. My only worry is that it might be too light, cutting into the jacket's versatility. I'd see about getting a swatch to hold up against a light blue shirt. I think it should be ok.

1034 is just about perfect. I have something similar on the way (puppytooth, same hue and scale). 1011 is going to look a bit like something that belongs to a suit.

7718 is gorgeous, though I like the two below it even more. Especially 7700

1034, 1023, and 7700 are my three favorites in terms of what you're going for.
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ugh. get a brown. not everyone needs to have a million blue jackets like clgas. live a little, jester. broaden your horizons. you have 2 very nice blue jackets.
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Three is the magic number. Then get a brown.


In terms of brown, I like 1022 from the first batch. 1001 from the second. Nothing really from the third, though I suppose 7728 is alright. And 7735 from the fourth.

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Originally Posted by Kira View Post

Considering that I never stated this at all, your argument backfires.

I'm surprised that this has continued after I stopped posting because I thought I started it. I can acknowledge that I can be confrontational at times(and it's much easier to be critical when we're all hiding behind our screens&keyboards). But I have read posts from many of these members and I've never read anything very close to criticism from them - they're all quite nice. I read posts from clags when he had the Cigar Smoker avatar, which felt like a long time ago to me, JS, and the other more senior members - I don't recall any negative vibes from them. I think it's just you, bro.



Your attitude resembles that of the typical internet male who uses more sophisticated language and feels better than others because of it. This typical internet user also retorts in such a way that is subtly rude. I would know, I used to do this. Someone was right, you need to learn to get along. Just cause you found this new resource doesn't mean you can start spouting out all your opinions. I learned all these things the hard way. Lurk more. I'm being very gentle right now as were the others I'm sure. I could be saying a lot more having read all your responses in this thread now to gain a full understanding.


@Kira How can you say you are capable of pulling off being a peacock and stylish when you are just recreating your wardrobe? I like JS have spent much time here, but we still feel like we are new students. I daresay I am not far from "clueless novice" after reading threads and articles from here and AAAC for over 1000 hours.


"Don't be a snob about the way you dress. Snobbery is only a point in time. Be tolerant and helpful to the other fellow — he is yourself yesterday."
-Cary Grant


I welcome you as well, but I was surprised from all the commotion that's been started.


I agree on the brown sport coat. Milk chocolate or darker for darker complexion-ed folks. Tweedy brown for white folks :]

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Originally Posted by JubeiSpiegel View Post

It's true that the layman cannot tell the difference, but each person is responsible for determining their own style. You have to determine if you want to be a dandy (and pursue the art of peacocking), or if you want to pursue the gentlemanly art of classical dress.

It's ok to want to be a dandy, but it is only something that can be done well once you know the rules of classical dress, and how the rules can be broken. Otherwise you risk looking clownish or a cosplay, instead of stylish. So proceed with caution @Kira

Does wearing braces and a bow tie without a coat make one a dandy? Cause I see it around town and it really bothers me. Especially when the trousers are barely above a man's groin area. It looks very "GQ".

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I wouldn't say it makes one look a dandy. Clown, more likely...
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