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No E. MARINELLA? I think those are a good choice. and i see them in good prices.

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40% off and they have my sizes. Your vote Tattoo?

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1 is OK, and I can see how a bolder stripe might suit Noodles.  The thing is, it's so blue.  And we have a problem with piling the navy on the navy.


But I could live with 1.

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Isn't the 3rd one more close to a solid pretty much? 

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It is a bit, and that's probably why I like it as a dress shirt.  Even a pattern that resolves to solid at distance gives a little warmth and texture somehow.  However, I picked it mainly because the blue wasn't navy.

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Ok. It's a split between 1 and 3

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Originally Posted by Betelgeuse View Post


Noodles Roooodals, get this tie and get into the Wu Tie Clan! It's awesome!


I have one tie from Conrad Wu that is gray that I would love to wear with a navy suit but I don't have navy suits. But I just checked and it's no longer available. 


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He ordered a green pindot a couple of pages back.  Burgundy is his next must-have, but a navy upgrade is also on the list.  

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yeah right, got there now.


For the shirts... hard to say. depends on what he has.
I think shirts matter more in fit, collar, etc. and he is in a suit so i guess there's not that much to think about. Unlike ties that really stand out and make a difference.
 oh and i don't have a burgundy tie not sure i will. don't you think he needs a darker brown? 

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I like shirt #1. Here is why...

Equality in stripe size, not too much white, as I think is the problem with 3. If those blue stripes were evenly spaced on 3, I'd like it better, but still not as much as 1. I have a couple like number 1, in a similar shade, and also in lighter shades, in a few different weaves. They are more versatile than they look on a hanger.

Edit- looked at it again. I see that the blue stripes in number 1 are slimmer than the white stripes. I would like it better if they weren't. In that case, it is a closer call between 1 and 3, but I still like the width of the stripes in 1 better.
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Noodles, what shirts are those? :eh:

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E.Zegna Trim Fit'

40% off!

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Originally Posted by Claghorn View Post

I dislike the fancy stripe on the last one, but I like the color. Is that color available without the fancy stripe?

This might be the closest to what you're looking for.

ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA: Formal Shirt Jacquard Plain weave Italian collar But Grey, Detail 2 - 38323617MU

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