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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

just going record to say that i hate AE.

Shoo-snoB!! ( never owned a pair of AE's; am likely a shoosnob myself)
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Allen Edmonds lasts are just not appealing to me, but I can appreciate the value.
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Should I just get Cole Haans then for my dad? Plus, I cannot find any size 7. I ended today's search at DSW. Nothing specials.
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get him something he will like and appreciate. SF mantra is not for everyone.
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He prefers $CASH$
But it is hard to see him every Sunday with really terrible (for his feet) shoes.
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Originally Posted by EFV View Post

I think you should pick up a pair of AE's. Don't lie to your dad (of course), but tell him the virtues of buying decent quality shoes. He will likely wear out 5-6 lower quality shoes in the time it takes him to wear out these (i.e. the kind of sound investment you'd like to see your minister make). Also, AE's don't look like luxury shoes, and therefore doesn't imply him being particularly indulgent and/or vain.
I didn't see your post.
Thanks for the feedback. I liked what I saw at AE. But the funny thing is that he wore whatever low end brand I bought for like 10 yrs.
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Wow, how he maintain the shoe for it to last for 10 years? The HP, Aldo etc. shoes that I used to buy only can last me for 2 years, maximum.

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I think if you take care of many shoes sub AE, they can last. Rotate, polish, tree etc. A big disadvantage of many sub AE shoes is that when they need new soles, you're done.


Of course, crap leather will crap...I have a pair of Sebagos (:o) that were a gift from someone special and that I still wear around three years later casually. They are ok but the leather just doesn't look good despite trees, polishing etc. I bet they will last another five, but look like crap. I've also an old pair of byron AE's pre-park avenues from Ebay and they are in really good shape and great for a rainy days.

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I will actually recommend to get loake 1880 series shoes, but I'm not sure how fast is their delivery to the State. I have one Loake 1880 Rothschild. With my limited experience, it has a solid construction and a decent last, not too bulky as compare to AE IMO. 


You can check them out at http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/product-list.php?brandid=7#d20 or http://www.pediwear.co.uk/loake/1880/


Both of them have a very good customer service, so I guess you could email them for the availability and urgent shipping. 

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sub $300 USD (website pricing in SGD), traditional style, but wouldn't arrive by father's day...not sure if that is a requirement or you can tell him about the gift to expect...



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Interesting, @europrep.


Those look quite nice for sub $300 shoes. Any experience with them? What's the scuttle but on them?

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Edetal certainly is a good choice too. But please be mindful of their sizing, it's slightly different from what you used to. If I'm not mistaken, they have the sizing tool on their website, print them out to check your shoe size. That should minimise the risk of buying wrong shoe size.

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Here's my new project. Suit was purchased by my father in Vienna back in the late 60s from "ITA Qualität". Not sure if it's OTR, MTM or bespoke, but most likely the latter. Fabric is from Reid & Taylor and is bloody fantastic. I've already had some work done on the jacket and pants, but there's still a bit of a collar gap problem, the shoulders are on the wide side, and the left shoulder pad is wonky. I'm taking the suit down to my tailor's now to see what can be done.


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Tailor just left for overseas (Pitti maybe?), back in five weeks. Aaaaargh! But I don't trust anyone else.

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That is one cool outfit, Cox. Don't see any collar gap.
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