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Can someone tell me why that $40 brown neat got 15 thumbs up?! Is WAYWRN playing some kinda joke on me? And it had a terrible knot. I feel bad for all the ties that I have and like. Maybe they were sympathy thumbs up. Just weird guys.
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Part of it was the sizable different between that and some of your previous fits. The sign of real progress is usually welcomed with a number of thumbs.


The difference between a 40 dollar tie and an 100 dollar tie doesn't really translate in a picture, so the price doesn't matter too much here.


Part of it is that it was a good fit. Neats agree with what you normally wear. It's why we've been pushing them on you.

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^^ all of that plus a million ^^

thumbs are not a reliable gauge of anything specific. people thumb things for all kinds of reasons. but we love them all the same.
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So after talKing to some people regarding this look, it appears I was the only idiot who thought it looked "ugly and old fashioned." One person said what exactly Betel said and I was quite surprised. I am buying into these neat ties. Thanks again guys for the help. I felt like I was being forced to wear something that was not for me. But CLEARLY, I am dead wrong.
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I am so freaking stubborn.
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its nothing new. there are many things that probably for some reason or another get bad associations in the outside style world, maybe GQ or whatever you see in a j crew catalogue, and then you get this idea in your brain that tweed or neat ties are for old men only, and other such nonsense.

it takes a while to re-wire, but you will be glad when you do, because i guarantee you that you will look a million times better when you make the mental adjustment.
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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

please do not buy this. i think i only have one tie that veers on yellow. might be the hardest color to be good for a tie. or for anything besides a banana for that matter.

This is the yellow tie I have.  I got it at TJ max so no breaking the bank here.





Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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colors do not look true to life, but either way, that is gonna be a hard tie to implement well imo.
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You seem to gravitate towards ties that almost look like they're fading in colour. I thought it was just the pic quality but you should start looking at ties that have clear colours. I am on cold meds so I might not make sense....

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Its a combo of your meds and my crappy phone camera.  My camera on my phone makes everything look washed out.  

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what megapixels does your phone camera shoot at? I have 8 MP and seem to get by just fine. 

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10 mp - Moto X.  It's a combination of lighting and the compression that google picassa uses when I upload the pictures.  I'm still playing around with the settings on it to see if I can tweek it for better pics.  It doesn't have to do with the MP, it's the exposure settings I believe that are auto adjusting depending on the lighting.  

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here's what I do. I just email that pic in raw form to my gmail acct, download it, and upload it from a desktop.

OR from your phone you crop out your face and go into desktop mode and post the pic and pick LARGE size when posting pic.

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