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In Stitches I Trust!

Don't worry. She isn't a typical materialistic or chauvinistic Korean girl. And I am sure Clag's wife is also not in that category. (I had the honor of meeting Mrs. Clags for liek 5 seconds LOL).

She's just a kid so she knows not what she wants. I'll let her figure out round or cushion and etc. I checked out your website as well.  

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most excellent. i look forward to helping you and your fiance to the best of my abilities. smile.gif
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Thank you, Stitch!

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any time!
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Originally Posted by Rudals View Post

Ordered just this for now. But I will do more shopping this weekend. My budget is really tight because of the engagement ring..."sigh."

I will definitely not let any of the suggestions go to waste. I will most likely pick out ties suggested here.  


And I got it at the discounted price!

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Rudals, think thats a good choice and you got the Stitch riding shotgun for the big deal nod[1].gif

Life is good, happy days dude!
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Actually, this process that I am currently going is quite stressful. I hope the Mrs to be doesn't know that these tie purchases are coming out of her engagement ring fund LOL. Here's the next one that I want to pull the trigger on per Clag's suggestion. Thoughts anyone?

Pindot maroon

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There are better ones.  Two patterns in one is a little busy, and I don't love larger dots in general.


One of Clag's other suggestions, from Sam Hober, is absolutely perfect for your requirement, and beautiful for the season.  Or, from the House of Stitch, this one is a firm, traditional, robust contender with an equally delicious colour and pattern.

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thats a pretty tie indeed. i am not a huge fan of herringbone in ties tho. i love how they look as a stand alone item, but i find the surprisingly less versatile than i used to. for a solid worsted or twill navy suit though, its a winner.

plz to keep cash in all of the funds. wink.gif
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Not as good as the green for me, still nice though. Seems its not sure about itself-dots too big and HBone. I like the colour.

Plenty of browns/reds on show that would fit the bill, I particularly like the madders etc and Mimo picks two out ^ that are the bees knees. However, Ruuds, to be honest, its now down to you, no stress man smile.gif
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Just one more...

I don't know why but I cringe when I imagine myself wearing one of these. I would love to order from Sam Hober. I need a darker gray grenadine tie than the one I am wearing today. And a nice pin dot. 


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That's a pretty nice looking tie, don't cringe.
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Can someone tell me what is wrong with this one? I like grey with navy suits.


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Originally Posted by aravenel View Post

That's a pretty nice looking tie, don't cringe.

Honestly...I cannot see it. Maybe I just like simple stuff but I just am not seeing what is pretty about this or others that are similar. 

I do realize that I can't continue on with solids, pin-dots, and stripes. I will consider this one and others like it. 

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