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Are E.Thomas fabrics up there with H&S or Loro Piana?

I've seen E.Thomas fabrics at Suit Supply only.

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I disagree about the square. There's nothing wrong with a white linen hank in a TV fold. I got a job offer after interviewing in a marine blue 6x2 DB with a white linen hank. The point is to dress soberly.

No experience with LS MTM, but SFer Mark Seitelman, who knows his clothes, has nice things to say about all the things he's gotten from Izzy. You can Google for photos of the MTM jacket Izzy made for Andy of AskAndy. Keep in mind that MTM is not bespoke. A good MTM fitter, like many say Izzy is, can get you a better fit than you can get from OTR, but it'll never fit as well as the stuff people on here have from Savile Row or Naples cutters.

Kent Want is a good suggestion if you're after the slim fit look, which reportedly isn't Izzy's strength. I'd just note that KW isn't really MTM, since body measurements are never taken. It's more of an MTO program with lots of options for altering the block pattern, based on photos of you in the trial jacket and your requests. That's not a bad thing: the pictures of the MTO jackets in the KW Affiliate thread are much better than what I've seen from the online MTM shops, which I'd avoid. I prefer to be measured by the person who'll be specifying how the pattern should be struck, but then everything depends on the measurer's skill. There are plenty of photos of MTM disasters caused by in-house measurers who don't know what they're doing. And Kent does know what he's doing. Izzy is also widely held to know what he's doing.

Here is a photo from LS's website of a suit Izzy made.

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@claghorn, I thought so too. You are actually the reason why I considered a green tie in the first place.

I was never really planning on wearing a pocket square, I think that would cross the line of "too well put together"

I never really thought about Kent Wang for the suit, I thought i had it all figured out but then someone me doubt Mr. Ned and another said LS isnt great for a slim fit. (Im 6'1 at about 170-175 with a 34in inseam, I'd say im avg-athletic build)
Now its up in the air, what I do know is that I like the idea of a nailhead suit.
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If time is at all a factor, I'd go for in person MTM over online. A lot less can go wrong in person.

If the KW trial suit fits well, then it's a pretty safe proposition.
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If you are in NYC, you can arrange an actual fitting with KW and the results will be pretty good. And pretty quick, although not super fast (not two weeks).

Having worked with multiple bespoke makers from both NYC and Napoli, and done a lot of different MTM, I'd make the statement that great mtm is indistinguishable from a fit perspective, from bespoke. Most of SF will disagree.
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^ it really depends on body type though. But a good chunk of the population, that's probably true
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Totally agree, body type plays a huge role in the applicability of my statement. The more "normal"/standard you are, the more true it is, imo
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Gentlemen, quick heads-up please. There's a young Italian guy with his own somewhat Simon Crompton-like blog that's been running for three years or so. He gets a lot of suits and jackets tailored for him, generally by bespoke Italian tailors, and posts features on them with great photography.


The website has a name like "the style guys", or "the menswear guys", or something like that. But I just can't remember the exact name.


Can anyone help?

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Don't worry, Google was my friend and I nailed it.


"The Bespoke Dudes".



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Originally Posted by Coxsackie View Post

Don't worry, Google was my friend and I nailed it.


"The Bespoke Dudes".



I think he sells sunglasses as well. His Instagram feed is fabio Ananstasio or somethig close to that.

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Fabio is a top notch guy btw.
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Originally Posted by EFV View Post

Fabio is a top notch guy btw.

His sunglasses are very intriguing but the shop site doesn't seem to list lens and frame sizes unfortunately. Maybe you could make a suggestion to him? :fonz: 

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Should the shoulder width be increase, all other adjustments accounted for9b4796c6f3db6fb6577298dc27147081.png85a8afc194d2ea2c375677bdfa6daf46.png

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Yes, there are waves across the upper back, a sign of tightness.
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Thanks, ill post the suit when done
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