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Seriously...Gwasok Scandal?!? Oh Noodles, why am I not surprised. :-)

To be clear, it appears Noodles likes very cheesy romantic comedies.
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You missed the cheesier one!



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I only know Gwasok Scandal because I didn't know better. I became a lot more choosy about which Korean movies I watched after my first year.

I don't think there are any Korean movies I like that aren't drama or thrillers.

Scratch that. I liked Miss Granny. I really did. So silly in all the right ways, but I think you have to be very familiar with Korean culture to enjoy it.
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that was pretty darn funny.
When Koreans make a goofy movie, it really makes you cringe.
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Memorable Korean movies of history: zero

Korean movies featuring special effects, violence, melodrama, and everybody dying: 7896270

Very interesting: movies by Hong Sang-soo

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^^^ Some truth to that.

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Yeah. Brotherhood of War is the only good historical drama I can think of, and that's the Korean War. None of the Joseon or Three Kingdoms movies have been any good.

There was another decent one about the assassination attempt of Park by North Korea. And I can't remember, but the one about his actual assassination may have been ok.

But both are after the 1950s
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I didn't mean "about history." I meant "in the history of Korean movies ever made."

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Roaring Current(s) was very satisfying to watch.

You kind of can compare it to Jewish people killing Nazis, and killing a lot of them.
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The Chosun dynasty was a wreck and a joke. Among the many many dumb things they did, the society looked down on Musa (the warrior) class of people. And focused on reading, writing, and other forms of academia. And when the Japs invaded the Chosun dynasty, it was clear why the war was one sided. The warrior class got smaller and smaller and lower in social status which caused lack of fighting men. Whereas Japan had been fighting for centuries and had just united. Them Chosun folks got their asses handed to them until... you should know who.
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Please don't use the term Japs.
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There are different types of Asians?

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Is there a general rule of how wide a suit jacket cuff opening should be? Mine is currently 14cm (5.5 inches) when laid flat, as I wore French cuffs way too big for me, 13cm. I have now slimmed down my shirt cuff to around 8.75 inches all around (so like 11cm when laid flat). Would you advise slimming the cuff of my suit jackets a bit? My fear is that the shirt cuff will now float inside my jackets.... Or am I being over the top? Is a little gap ok and not seen as ridiculous?

For reference my wrist measurement is like 6.25 inches or a little over.
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Do you have any pictures? I'd say it probably depends on hand size, wrist size, and the shirt cuff.

But I wouldn't like too much of the shirt cuff floating look.
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