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Originally Posted by ericgereghty View Post

Interesting, thanks for the opinions, gents. It's definitely a fabric I'm very intrigued by, and will have a suit made up from it at a point, practicality be damned. Pretty easy to make use of it when there's this wonderful thing called central AC.

Pliny, very interesting points regarding cut, especially the legs/sleeves/vent depth.


It's logical when u think about it, but it only really dawned on me when I had 2 suits made in the same cloth, one with the looser & shorter specs, and which feels considerably cooler. 

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I'm seriously considering getting a jacket made by steed MTM, and thinking about getting 2 patch SC made in this fabric: (link shows the fabric better)


CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90


I don't have any blue A/W SCs except this one:



Which is a herringbone tweed, and I think the softer flannel will be different enough, and the design (patch vs hacking + ticket) will overall give a much softer vibe, and goes well with the steed cut, and also not make the older jacket superfluous as that one has stronger shoulders and more defined cut.


My other A/W jackets are:


brown check

camel cashmere

gray gunclub

light brown/beige houndstooth


Examples (Click to show)







So as you can see, not a lot of blue here, so I think a nice blue that is a bit eye catching but still not overly bold would make a good addition.



If I don't get this I could save the money for some S/S jacket or maybe a nice pair of CJs or two. I already have a preeetty extensive wardrobe so like I definitely don't need this jacket to have most bases covered, so don't hesitate to suggest waiting for my next purchase.


If you want to suggest other fabrics (specifically or generally) for me to get to fill in gaps with my SCs please do as well.


I'm also tempted to just get this jacket from my usual bespoke tailor in Hong Kong as well. It will cost 500 (full canvass) as opposed to 950 for full canvass and 750 for half, not to mention I already have made many pieces with them so possibly even though Steed are better tailors and cutters/measurers, the cheaper jacket will not be so much worse by virtue of having had many opportunities to fix things. I have to say I AM getting more and more happy with my jackets and if not for some of the voices here I'd be more than happy to not try move up the price range, so if I can get some renewed opinions on that front I'd appreciate it too.

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If you do go to Steed, don't go in with your mind made up.


Have a general idea of what you want (in this case, F/W, some blue in it -flannel? woolen?, some type of plaid/overcheck/etc). They're the experts and really know the fabrics. Steed have fabrics that you'll never see on the internet that might be better than what you originally wanted, and you'll never know about it because you 'knew what you wanted'.  (plus, you might end up getting inspired by something totally different, that you'd never thought you'd like until you saw it in person)


Worst comes to worst, you aren't really a fan of what they show you, and you already have a fabric picked out anyway. There is zero drawback.

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I totally agree with VVV. When I had my first appointment with Steed I had 2 jackets in mind, a traditional navy blue blazer or something with a muddy houndstooth in a lighter weight. I saw 2 houndstooth that I fell in love with and it was completely different than what I was expecting but super happy with the cloth choice.

Have an idea but not something super specific because chances are your going to be disappointed to not find that exact swatch but something might catch your attention within your parameters. I actually really like the cloth above the one you selected.
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I agree, I was definitely going to ask them to suggest things based on my preferences and wardrobe and was ready to be swayed, but I would like some extra ideas and opinions to consider before I go too.

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Originally Posted by justinkapur View Post

I actually really like the cloth above the one you selected.

Was gonna say, that windowpane is nice.
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@Isolation Hello.  I think you have your suits cut too tight in the waist.  I know you like that hourglass silhouette and everyone has their own style.  But I think you could achieve a similar effect without the pulling, by adding a bit more shoulder structure and keeping the quarters quite open.


Anyway, back to your question: I love those flannels, actually the tartan more than the windowpane.  But yes, either way.  Also, your blue herringbone tweed is stunning.  I must have one.

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Originally Posted by archibaldleach View Post

Unstructured will look good on you if a well fitting cardigan looks good on you.

A good measure for sure. I have found that with completely unstructured jackets, fabric plays a big role in how it wears. I have a fresco that sits easily and nicely on my torso, but my flannel tends to pull and ride off my shoulders.
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Keeping some structure from interlining while getting rid of most of the shoulder padding, is a compromise I find more flattering.

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Originally Posted by mimo View Post

Keeping some structure from interlining while getting rid of most of the shoulder padding, is a compromise I find more flattering.
I agree completely. It's easier to wear and gives you the same look.
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There is the common misconception that shoulder padding and shoulder expression go hand in hand. Jeff Diduch says it much better than I possibly could here

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...... Iol. ^
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I already have a pair of CJ Sydney suede loafer.

Does it make sense to get a Carmina loafer in the same color and material as below?

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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Same style same color, both suede? Meh. Just get a different color. Snuff is always versatile if you want to expand past darker browns, but still stay in the brown/tan family.
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Burgundy suede is cool...

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