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Originally Posted by ridethecliche View Post

Haha yeah...

I'm also not too into the idea of couples that dress each other etc. I'd never tell her what to wear, but would give input if she asks for my opinion. I guess that kinda thing makes me a bit uncomfortable.

It didn't come across as terse. I knew what you meant!

And yes, it's a pretty great problem to have. The situation is a bit strange because she lives at home while working and taking pre-req classes for nursing school. I absolutely adore her family and it's nice to get away from med school from time to time. Her parents had me over for dinner last night for my birthday which was incredibly nice. I didn't want to do anything crazy for it.

I've gotten to the point where I buy what I want, and she pays for it. No more surprises here.
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Me regarding gifts: unless you absolutely know what I want, don't try to pick a winner, and just get me something simple (wine, scotch, etc). That way, I'll appreciate the gesture, and won't have to lie about appreciating the actual gift lol.
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Originally Posted by Journeyman View Post


Do you happen to know if Oxxford's cut fits/suits you?


If you don't know if it will fit you or if the cut will flatter you, then don't buy it. Don't get taken in by the brand. Oxxford makes very nice suits but if it doesn't fit, it doesn't matter what the fabric is like or how much hand-work has gone into the suit.


For what it's worth, Topshelfapparel is a very good seller. He's also a member here (or was, at least) - VMan. I've bought quite a bit off him in the past and I've always had excellent experiences.

I was hesitant until I saw 15 day return(?) policy. I do not know but if they are accepting returns then I am willing to try it. I really like the pattern and the color.


Originally Posted by Darkside View Post






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Just. Stop. It!!!!
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I ask because I am stupid and do not know the answer. Is this a problem?

What I was hoping for was to get someone who had experience in Oxxfords to give me some insights.

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And thus, new life was breathed into the noodles thread.

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Originally Posted by New Shoes1 View Post

My mother in law used to always buy me clothes for birthday and Christmas, until SF and being very particular on what I wear.  Now she just gives me gift cards after several gifts that were meh.  I suddenly feel very guilty about my probable lack of a poker face.


GF's mom bought me a shirt that is one of my favorite patterns. It's a size too small, but it was spot on something I would wear. Lady friend was being thoughtful and I really appreciated it haha.

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Originally Posted by archibaldleach View Post

@Claghorn can speak better to this, but I believe it's a wool / linen blend (Kerry Knoll if I recall correctly), so a bit more of a pressed look isn't necessarily a bad thing. I put wool / linen blends in a slightly different category from pure linen.

Impressive memory. Kerry Knoll indeed.
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Originally Posted by Claghorn View Post

Impressive memory. Kerry Knoll indeed.

Yeah. I have a suit made from the same cloth.
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eh~ screw it. I'll just learn by trial and error. 

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Only If it were a size 38 should you get it

Did I do it right?
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Being a gracious gift recipient is something that I've had to learn and I'm still only so-so, particularly if it's not something I like. Thankfully people have mostly stopped trying to buy me clothes. I think they all realize that guessing what I'd like has low odds of succeeding. Online shops that allow you to create public wish lists know what's up.
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I got my J press stuff in over the last few days!

Got the driving trench, a hoodie, and two crewnecks.


@Darkside, I might have to steal your jacket from you sometime to try it on. I'm doing research in the woo over the summer but will likely be in beantown pretty often. We should hang.

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Originally Posted by The Noodles View Post

eh~ screw it. I'll just learn by trial and error. 


In my experience Oxxford is excellent quality but generally of a fuller, more traditional cut than favored by many of the cool kids on SF.  Unless something has changed in the last year or two, there is a mainline called "HQ" (highest quality) with excellent cloth and hand work.  Then there is the "1220" line with less hand work but still excellent cloth and overall build quality.  Within each line there are various models, some fairly trim by Oxxford standards but nothing aggressively fashion forward.. Most models have more of a built up shoulder than you may have worn, from what I recall.


I have a mainline suit, a 1220 blazer and 3-4 odd trousers.  They are obviously of better quality than anything else I've bought or seen off the rack anywhere but I don't get around much.


At full retail (and they never seem to be discounted) they are darn expensive.  My stuff has either been snagged at Neiman's big outlet store in Grapevine or from ebay venders with NOS, overstock, returns, etc.  One new suit at retail would pay for several square feet of hardwood floors and lots of diapers so it isn't something to be considered lightly . :)

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