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Originally Posted by llamaone View Post

Interesting, so the wide version may very well be ~3.75 or less (depending on the angle)
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Yeah in that case I think going for it would be quite reasonable.

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Originally Posted by New Shoes1 View Post


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

My trial suit was a 44.  I'm 6'2 and 195 pounds and go with the wide lapel option.  There is no way I'd describe it as medium width or needing an additional 0.5 inch.  As stated previously, I prefer the wide over the standard, but want to make sure we're passing along accurate information here.


Edit:  should have read the last few pages first; I now see this discussion has gone completely :deadhorse: and needs no more discussion.


In light of the narrower lapel trend of the last 10 years or so, sure, I could concede that the KW "wide" lapels (on a 44 or larger jacket) are fairly wide in comparison.  But in terms of classic proportions, I stand by my sentiment that a lapel that extends halfway to the shoulder seam isn't really that wide at all--it's fairly standard and balanced.  


But to each his own. :)  I agree that this discussion has run its course.  Hopefully we've offered @CaptainTohm plenty of food for thought.

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Originally Posted by Isolation View Post

Yea or nay?

Wife would call that an "elf shoe"
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My wife calls double minks dwarf shoes!
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FWIW regarding lapel sizing, I just measured my SuSu jackets the Kent Wang way.

My Washington jacket that looks good with a flashy outfit but is too much otherwise has nearly 5" lapels (peaked, of course). Honestly, that wouldn't even bug me if the gorge was higher.

The Hudson that Caustic said fits me perfectly in width is 4" exactly.

Measuring my KW trial jacket, it's 3.5" the KW way (go figure), and 3.25" measured straight across, or the way we were all previously debating lapel widths (or at least I was).

With that in mind, I think the wide lapels will be a quarter inch wider than the lapels which were widely agreed to fit me close to ideal. Still not perfect, but not as extreme as I was worried about. I believe I'd rather an extra .25" than lose .75" on my ideal width, but I'm still not 100% committed, I'll have to sleep (AKA, drink) on it.

Thanks again for the HUGE amount of input. I've learned a great deal during this discussion, and commissioning this suit has been both a positive and learning experience. I've been hesitant to come in as a newbie and post very much since I have so many rudimentary questions, but everyone has been accommodating and gracious with their knowledge.
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I'm going to continue soaking up free advice until you guys start charging me.

I've finally given up on Meermin due to their low QC and painful break-ins. I ordered a Carmina Rain in 8.5UK, and an Inca model in both 8.5UK and 9UK.

Both the 8.5 models were too tight width wise and also in the instep. The Inca 9 fits pretty well, except the instep has a pretty steep V.

The rest of the shoe fits well, there's no way I could go up in size due to the length. For reference, I've been measured at Brooks Brothers as a 9.5E US, but it seems like I might be able to make a 10US/9UK work on occasion.

What do you think, gentleman? Do I send these back? And does anyone have recommendations for my wide and high instep foot? Some have recommended Bonafe to me, but I emailed Skoaktiebolaget and they didn't seem to think there was a huge difference between the wider Carmina lasts and Bonafe.
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Any tips on what tie to wear with this. The shirt is actually blue and not white, just the light playing tricks. Thinking maybe a navy knit tie?


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I think burnt orange, navy, deep purple (preferably a not too saturated version of purple) would all look good with that.
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It's surprising how things look in real life vs on their website. This Lazio is hard to pull off.


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That's definitely a @Coxsackie suit.

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More like to @clown suit in real life.


Can't believe I am size 44 with Suit Supply...fat as hell.

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Originally Posted by Caustic Man View Post

That's definitely a @Coxsackie suit.

Nowhere near loud enough for me.


I need a very outré suit to divert attention from my larger-than-life personality.

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Noodles, you could pull that off. Just be confident.

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