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Zegna does a nice job on their Trofeo cloth...
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Oh yes. Them trefeo are nice in that they are soft and nice and yet solid and durable. Very different from say Super 150s that are sheeny and wrinkle magnets.
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Originally Posted by jrd617 View Post

^ Don't like that fit. Too busy

I generally don't like odd vests under suits either. That look turns up a lot in the Friday challenges.

Matching 3-pieces, or bust.

I just ordered a buff linen waistcoat to wear with a blue suit that I have. I'll probably find very little occasion to wear it, but I anticipate enjoying very much the times that I do.
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Originally Posted by TweedyProf View Post

Since we're on formal ties (e.g. Shepherd Check)....relatedly, anyone pull off gingham ties, larger scale checks? I've seen some navy ones which look nice but I haven't managed to find a fit where they look great. Imagining pairing it in spring/summer with a linen blazer, say a lighter blue, with a navy gingham linen tie, with very light blue nearly white BD (all different blues). Thoughts?

Gents, any thoughts on gingham ties for the spring/summer? Talk of Shepherds Check ties made me think of something larger scale.

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Originally Posted by JubeiSpiegel View Post

Zegna does a nice job on their Trofeo cloth...

very much so. some are a bit shiny for my liking, but the cloth is always supremely soft.
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Originally Posted by archibaldleach View Post

Also, at @luv2breformed, remember that improving your wardrobe is a process. It may take trying on a lot more brands and fits of jackets to find the right fit (or resorting to MTM at some point). As much as you may want to have an ideal wardrobe ASAP, it will take time no matter what your financial resources are. If you are not finding stuff that is a real improvement in RTW, the solution is to look at a lot more RTW options or to slowly look at something like MTM or bespoke. If you go the MTM / bespoke route, however. please start with basic versatile staples despite the temptation you may have to get something made with some sort of exotic cloth.


This helps a ton. As does everyone else's advice. I don't know why, but I am always looking for an instant ideal collection. I understand and can verbally recommend to others that building a solid wardrobe over time is much cheaper and much better, but then I can't seem to take my own advice, or the advice of a bunch of others for that matter. I think I'm going to take a bit of a break from posting WAYWRN and trying to feverishly kop all of my missing basics and just lurk for a few months. You guys have given me the tools I need to succeed and hopefully in that time frame I can pick up a jacket here or pants there that will really work for me. Hopefully I can start posting some good stuff that fits me well in a few months.



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@luv2breformed now you listen? LOL

I've been telling you all along to go slow!

C'mon, man. You look like you have your stuff together. 

But there's no need to be trigger happy.

Slow it down and build up slowly.

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Originally Posted by Rudals View Post

@luv2breformed now you listen? LOL

I've been telling you all along to go slow!

C'mon, man. You look like you have your stuff together.

But there's no need to be trigger happy.

Slow it down and build up slowly.


I know I know, you've told me like 5 times. Clags too, everyone pretty much. :P


I'm generally a quick study and very eager and aggressive once I get into something. It doesn't combine well with my "collector" mindset and mentality. I can appreciate a streamlined wardrobe from a distance, but for some reason I have to have all the things and infinite variety. When you haven't nailed down 100% things so basic as solid fit, the results can be disastrous as everyone has seen thus far.


I have generally recieved positive reception from my last few WAYWRN posts, but frankly most my clothing doesn't fit me correctly. I think people appreciate the combo or idea that I was going for and are overlooking the fact that my jacket is a size too small or that it's an inch short, etc.


Like I said, I think I need to back off. I will still continue culling and kopping and will be following threads; but I am done posting WAYWRN or fit pics in here because I now see what you guys have been pointing out. I KNOW the jacket doesn't fit correctly, but I post it anyways because I think the issues can be overlooked or resolved via tailoring etc. Like I said, I have the tools now, I can see it now and I need to focus on getting good solid pieces that fit correctly. Maybe after I have a few good ones I will start posting again in WAYWRN, but I imagine it will be a few months away.


Thanks again for everyone's help.

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These Tie your Tie ties look quite nice, if you like the slubbiness of Shantung, but also have a nice visual interest in terms of color. Shaya seems like a great guy in my limited dealings with him:

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I just sent a Zegna Trofeo DB suit to Spoo for the LuxeSwapping...
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What do you guize think about the following new s/s Cantarelli SC offerings over at NMWA? In terms of versatility, and also what pents to pair with?

Also, this Camoshita:

I seem to recall having a similar beige silk/linen herringbone jacket years ago, and enjoying it, though I was even less cognizant of sartorial sensability then than I am now. The 2 lighter blues are hard for me to get a read on, since I tend to gravitate more towards medium and darker/navy blues. Very pale grey pents with these? Other colors/fabric suggestions? Greg suggests denim for a casual look, I guess that also implies navy/darker blue linen would work (Warning: Navy Trews Ahead, Proceed With Caution).

The Camoshita seems altogether more casual, though I could see it working with a variety of colors and fabrics, from denim, to khakis, to linen, etc.

Any/all too inflexible for someone in a wardrobe (re)building process? It's a given they shoot down the notion of 3-4 season wear, but what the hell.
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I think the jackets are lovely, but i would not describe them as versatile. They would make great spring / summer jackets i think (at least the Cantarelli's)...
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the new NMWA offerings are hot fire, but are very advanced colors and patterns. not really the stuff for a beginners wardrobe imho. but i love NMWA so what the hell, give them all your money.
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ooh, now Greg's just put up this one...

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see my above comment. that is a gorgeous SC. it is also light in color, requiring either super light pants or darker than the SC color pants, neither is easy. not to mention the bold pattern also limits what you can do with it. ymmv, but that is my correct opinion.
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