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Can imagine we've provided plenty of #styfodude content tonight.

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Originally Posted by Patrick R View Post

This is the real world.


<Looks up from screen>


This... is the real world.

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The utility of this thread ended long ago.


I motion to have this thread locked and archived. 

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Originally Posted by skeen7908 View Post

But PMS or premenstrual dysphoric disorder is actually a thing (sort of)

Would you deny the existence of autism? Or ADHD?

He never said that women can't be president. He just expressed a distaste for periods

You have then wildly extrapolated that to all four corners of the globe, including that his penis is small

Why not take him by his intent, which was some good-hearted and friendly banter

I second the advice to chill out

In this good-natured advice thread everyone is being good natured except one person!

Btw hope you know you're reading noodles posts late, which means some of the ...more distressing? parts have been edited out. Also, I don't think you understand - as a new poster- all of the backstory, which no doubt contributed to this blow up.
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I kinda like it. It's basically my idea of a general discussion thread for styleforum,

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I my experience (i.e., living in south Brooklyn), men display far more emotionally erratic behavior than women. At least in public. Testosterone and adrenaline have a much more potent effect on mood and behavior and rational thought than anything the moon might do to a female human.

Btw, bills khakis has 70% off everything. Tonight only.
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Originally Posted by Isolation View Post

I kinda like it. It's basically my idea of a general discussion thread for styleforum,

Though there is also MC General Chat. But that focuses on general discussion of fashion. GNAT is broader and occasionally can be a good place for advice or someone looking for a sounding board.
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Originally Posted by Patrick R View Post

This is the real world.
Nobody dresses as well as you guys in the real world. Of course my real world is Florida so...
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Isolation: once again many straw men you have constructed there. And once again more than a little incoherent

But I do not deny anyone the right to be offended so good on you for expressing it

But to the guy who exclaimed "well said" in response to your post: exactly what the f^*k were you thinking, good sir?!
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Originally Posted by colco View Post

you have posted racist and sexist things a few times and been called on it no?  including more or less starting this recent little blow up.  perhaps, instead of telling others to "relax, a little", you could realize what century it is.  or perhaps wait 24 hours before you press submit on a post that is not strictly clothing related.

Sure I have. And I've openly admitted that I'm racist - like absolutely everybody else, including you Colco. I'm not proud of my racism, but I'm not in denial, and I'm always trying to improve.


Now, I didn't start "this little blow-up". I believe it started with Cao Cao's poor-taste joke, to which Iso took exception.


The undeniable fact of the matter is that "political correctness" (a poor term; "cultural correctness" would be better) and freedom of speech are diametrically opposed principles. Both are laudable in their own way. Neither can be considered paramount, for complete acceptance of one principle necessarily invokes complete denial of the other.


The truth is that what is considered an acceptable balance between these two opposing principles is constantly shifting, from person to person, from culture to culture, and from age to age. I'm saying that Iso is trying to shift the balance point too far towards the PC end of the see-saw, at the expense of free speech.


Let's talk for a moment about the concept of humour. What is humour? Why do people laugh? When you think about it, all jokes have a butt. When we laugh at a joke, it's because someone was made to look foolish. Always. Evolutionary biologists posit that humour is a crucial learning mechanism for young children - a kind of "salutary lesson" by which we learn how to avoid the mistakes of others.


It follows from this that the extreme, reductio-ad-absurdum result of rampant PC is the proscription of all humour.


When I re--read Cao Cao's joke, I could easily interpret it as being directed at himself. He could be lampooning himself for finding a natural biological cycle distasteful. It's also possible that he was genuinely having a go at womankind; reviling all women for the simple reasons that they menstruate.


The fact that neither interpretation of his intended meaning is far-fetched flags his joke as being in poor taste. I get that, and if I had thought to object, I might have just posted a brief comment like "Lame joke, Cao Cao. Try harder next time." I really don't think it needs any more response than that.


I've defended Iso's stylistic choices in clothing several times. He's heavily involved in the LGBTI community and his gender-bending silhouettes are a direct expression of something he feels strongly about. I think that's fantastic, and in fact some of our previous discussions have prompted me to do some further reading on intersex, cis-trans, and all the various subtleties of this emerging culture. If someone cracked a bad joke at the expense of LGBTI people and Iso took offense, well, he'd be more justified than most to call them out on it.


Hopefully that clarifies my own position. I'm not opposed to PC and I'm not a rampant Voltaire-misquoting libertarian. I'm just suggesting that occasionally, a bit of poor-taste humour can be tolerated or at least overlooked. That is to say, perhaps we can all be a little more relaxed.

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I don't think you know what strawmen are. That or you don't know what the word "if" means. At no point did I say that you hold the positions I was attacking. You might though. I wouldn't know, you never said.

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So you didn't write this misogynistic bullshit? Forgive me then.

I guess, if I were an admitted racist I'd also find comfort in seeing this trait in others, whether it was true or not. Reminds me of leadership training I've gone through. Certain exercises prove out that those that are least trusting are also least trustworthy.
No need for a reply. I won't read it.

Originally Posted by Coxsackie View Post

My thoughts exactly. Very funky rig, and rules be damned.

Noodles, word: never, ever, hold your wife's handbag. Never walk down the street holding it. And for pity's sake, NEVER be photographed holding it.

Shanghai girls have this word: "Ma-da-so". It denotes a dickless Shanghainese husband who cooks, cleans house, and does all the grocery shopping (in addition to being the sole breadwinner, of course). Meanwhile, wifey spends her days browsing at Louis Vuitton and getting her nails lacquered to a mirror sheen, the better to one-up her female friends at the mahjong table.

Avoidance of such social castration involves the drawing of a clear line in the sand. Holding spousal handbags is clearly beyond any imaginable such line.

Now: re-assertion of your manly boundaries will most certainly be met initially with severe resistance. Expect public tantrums, possibly even involving horizontal body thrashing accompanied by piercing screams. The correct response to this is a studied indifference. Wait for her to tire herself out; offer a disinterested helping hand; be silent. The inevitable three-day sulk (punctuated by long telephone conversations with her mother) will eventually blow over; at that point, you will again be the proud owner of a pair of gonads.

Disclaimer: I am myself a ma-da-so. But I do not hold wifey's bag.
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Alright guys. No mas, por favor.

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Can we talk about my murse?
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Think we need pics.

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