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I was advised against the suit-in-the-shower technique, apparently the steam messes up the fibres?



Thanks for thr advice ya'll

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Originally Posted by Cao Cao View Post

Leave ur nice suits at home and take some beater suits.


Yeah, the classic Noodles way: spend a fortune on really nice suits and then wear your old sh*t because you're afraid to wear your nicer ones.


The answer is already in post #31674: a well made fresco suit is perfect for travelling, especially in a hot climate. Fresco is very hard wearing and doesn't wrinkle easily.

I have an almost 15 year old fresco suit that I once was forced to wear for more than a week straight due to an emergency. It has had plenty of beer over it, once it has been propped up in a suitcase for weeks, the cat has had its first litter in it, yet I can still wear it up to this day. 

Don't worry so much about your clothes, wear them. If you're going on an important business trip do you want to turn up feeling uneasy in cheap beater suits or would you prefer the added self confidence you get when wearing your best suit, knowing that you look great?

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It should be possible to get a second suit in carry on. Beater suits seem like a bad idea unless they are an economic necessity. Why wear worse clothes when you are meeting clients on business travel. Look good and see the associated expenses as costs of doing business.
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Originally Posted by Academic2 View Post

@Pliny    "Pro-tip:  Hang suit in hotel bathroom and put the shower on hot for a few mins.  Presto- the wrinkles disappear."


Most hotels I visit these days have an ironing board and iron.  I just pack a pressing cloth and do any needed touch-ups before going to bed.






yeah but that sounds like too much work lol


I don't mean steam the be****s out of it so it gets into the canvas.  Just a bit. 

Of course Fresco for the long-term.

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Originally Posted by Pliny View Post


I can't for the life of me figure out what curse this is supposed to be. My wife says beatches, but that has too many letters and doesn't make sense in context. Please help me.

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bejesus -  don't u guys have that one? Don't ask me what it means

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Originally Posted by Koala-T View Post

I can't for the life of me figure out what curse this is supposed to be. My wife says beatches, but that has too many letters and doesn't make sense in context. Please help me.

If I were a betting man, I'd bet the word in question was bejesus.
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The thought of @Koala-T asking his wife to guess the curse word a guy on his clothing forum censored makes me giggle.
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Fresco is nice but honestly I've never had too much problem just letting a bit of steam do the trick with even my flannel.

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Wear one fresco suit on the plane, pack another. (And I say that as someone who hates wearing a suit on a plane.)

Jeffery Diduch advises against hanging a suit in the bathroom while showering. His concern is that the uncontrolled steam might cause the seams to blow out, affecting the shape jacket or trousers.
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Oh we've got bejesus, but I don't think we'd usually consider it a curse worth censoring. But thank you. I was troubled.

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Plane travel = wearing clothes that upon conclusion can either be
a) burnt,
b) boiled, or
c) sanitised with heavy duty chemical bombs.

It just yucks me out at times. I am a little OCD in that regard, I have been told.
And I would never ever wear a Formosa Fresco on a plane.
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Wear what you own, I guess that's why you bought your suits in the first place.

Tip from a road warrior. Pack your suits in a garment bag and change at the airport or rental car bathroom. Iron at night or just hang it. Mohair and Fresco are great travel fabrics but no need for additional shopping unless you're just itching to shop
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Brooks Brothers is currently having their veterans day sale. I don't have experience with these but the BrooksCool suits are on sale at 350. They are advertised as wool/poly blend for travel use but are also interestingly full canvas.
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Why the hell do you have to change in the airport bathroom. I don't understand that.


Normal way: Wear ANYTHING on the plane, suit included (nude, if you like), arrive at your destination, sleep in car, eat finger sandwich while hotel presses your pants. Go to meeting and extort money from clients.


SF way: wear suit, wrap self in neoprene*, put on SWIMS galoshes, adjust pocket square in breast pocket of neoprene wet suit, ask stewardess repeatedly to have emergency rations of club soda on hand in case you spill catsup on suit. Arrive at airport, go to public restroom and begin to change, realize you packed your Harrison's Oyster suit in garment bag but want to wear your Dormeuil Tonik suit (potential opportunities to impress groups of women on tour buses driving past as you make the transit from airport to hotel), hastily exit bathroom stall but take obligatory bathroom mirror picture in boxer shorts and upload to SF while en route to baggage claim, collect vintage Louis Vuitton steamer trunk while drumming fingers nervously on your portfolio and looking askance at other passengers who you think might pounce for the steamer trunk first and try to abscond with your collection of vintage Holland & Holland handkerchiefs, painstakingly acquired on eBay, finally and triumphantly return to the restroom with the CORRECT Tonik suit only to find it is occupied by fathers teaching their children how to urinate, and end up changing into your suit behind Sbarro -- inhaling pizza, natch -- while making the perfect Foo Fold™ on your pocket square. You beat a hasty retreat from the chaos of the airport, wafting clouds of Creed Green Irish Tweed behind you. Now it's time to climb aboard a taxi (don't forget to tip the cabbie for strapping your steamer onto the roof of the car) and make your way to the Howard Johnson's (gotta go HoJo). Up early tomorrow for the 6AM scrambled egg buffet. They won't have salumo or prosciutto, but scrapple is the next best thing, right? Good thing you brought your own looseleaf tea -- getting it through security was a hassle! Ah, travel. If only my Tumblr followers could see me now. Eat my dust, poseurs... IG is the real man's game. Read your iPhone macro lens on the nightstand for some luscious latte pics tomorrow.Your emoji game is on point, too. Must be the suit. It gives me confidence.



Not staying overnight? If this is for a day trip, wear the hardest material possible and call it a day.


*Camo pattern produced by Wooster x A&S x Prince Charles

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