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Disagree. As long as the public knows an agreement was reached, the whole thing starts to fade from memory. But if I were G, I'd be insisting on that gag clause to prevent adverse publicity in the future.

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A few other facts that I believe are particularly relevant. The sprodgets are hand made sprodgets, and G has specifically stated, ad nauseum, that such sprodgets may have different measurements from those posted. Accordingly, buyers are on notice that there are variances among the sprodgets, and take that into consideration when buying the sprodgets.

Second, G is an online sprodget oferror, who offers sprodgets that were, until recently, generally not purchased sight unseen. As a result, buyers must be knowledgeable enough to know the risks associated with buying something that has variances sight unseen.
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Meaningless, meaningless, all is meaningless.

Good reading. I am surprised that I was able to fully understand what you were saying, even with those crazy words inserted throughout the post.

I think a fair discussion should be allowed in public and I should not be told to shut up. This, as long as we keep it clean.

I commend David Reeves for dealing with GuP in the way that he did. @GuP Please remind the folks what @David Reeves did when you brought your problem to him.
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I suppose my main point was this: the most effective way to resolve any commercial dispute is to monetise it, and then agree on the figure.

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Noodles is good at ninja edits, we know that. He's already done so at the request of Greg.

Once a deal has been reached, noodles can edit his posts calling shenanigans and threatgening legal remedies, and Greg can edit his posts calling Noodles a lying, mismeasuring, bad picture angle taking, intentional charge backer

Problem solved!

Now, what kind of shoes would one wear with a brown flannel suit? Dark brown chukkas?
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Originally Posted by Monkeyface View Post
Now, what kind of shoes would one wear with a brown flannel suit? Dark brown chukkas?


Burgundy, my good man. Burgundy.

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Originally Posted by Monkeyface View Post

Now, what kind of shoes would one wear with a brown flannel suit? Dark brown chukkas?


What shade of brown?

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Originally Posted by archibaldleach View Post

@lordsuperb, I've been finding myself embracing a bit more of a casual but elegant look this year, so I'm more focused on sport coats than suits. I have a SB navy suit from BB in a somewhat eh cloth that I might replace with a 12-13 ounce navy birdseye as part of the 1 in 1 out part. Other than that, I'm thinking about a medium green (bit lighter than forest) tweed (debating between Donegal, a nice herringbone or potentially something with an overcheck) odd jacket and that brown with navy overcheck odd jacket made from Moonbeam. I'll probably do the sport coats before the suit. I suspect the houndstooth sport coat I mentioned will be the one getting dumped from the rotation to make way for one of the aforementioned sport coats.

Can I ask why you don't like the houndstooth jacket? I'm being nosy as I'm currently considering a black-white houndstooth jacket, but I've been hesitating for some reason.

Oh, and @lordsuperb I'm almost definitely getting a purple jacket in the not too distant future as well. We can be twins in exile!

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Originally Posted by Sudonihm View Post

What is this no scapel vasectomy that you speak of and why wasn't I offered it?!? Son of a €@&$@!


RISUG is your friend.

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Originally Posted by Murlsquirl View Post

What shade of brown?

Birdseye flannel:

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I echo the burgundy suggestion. I find that brown shoes have to be just right to work with a brown suit. In other words, I think brown shoes will work, but I think the margin for error is less with burgundy, and burgundy will look better in any regard.
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I think bitter chocolate suede would be just the ticket with that fabric.  Chukka if you're trying to dress it down, but an oxford would be my preference.  

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Originally Posted by gdl203 View Post

How am I being unreasonable? Times and times again, I've said that I'm happy to exchange and even refund articles that people are not happy with. But they need to be in sellable condition - is this unreasonable to refuse to take back a jacket that was tailored and worn? If you get a pair of shoes that are labeled 44, try them on, they feel tight, they don't feel like the 44 you used to. What do you do? Do you call the store and ask for an exchange or do you have a Topy put on them, walk a few weeks in it, and then demand an exchange for a new pair and threaten legal action?

If it was anyone else, we would chew the guy up and tell him that he kinda screwed up. But Noodles for some reason gets a pass - he's kinda cute and the mascot so people think it's normal behavior.

Regarding the chargeback, Claghorn have you ever received a chargeback notice? We have received a grand total of 3 in two years of operations and over 2000 orders. Three. Two of them were actual identity theft and objects of a scam. Third one was Noodles. The chargeback notice stated that cardholder does not recognize the charge and contested the charge. Ok, first thing I did was email Noodles and ask him what's going on. He told me he never requested the chargeback and that he would get it fixed/reversed. Whether that was one or two lies is up to you to decide (but it sounds like you think he tells the truth). for weeks, I heard excuses about not being to talk to te righ person at the bank, that it was going to be taken care of... Until it was too late for me to officially contest the chargeback. So I told him that since he got his money back, we should charge his card again. I'm an understanding guy. He tells me that despite receiving the full chargeback, he doesn't have the fund to pay me. I'm an understanding guy - I offer to take payment in three installments, wen he feels like it. That's for a suit he'd been wearing all season... A few hours after telling me he doesn't have $ to pay, he pays all three installments. Great! I'm overlooking the previous lies as I'm happy that this is finally paid.

A constant stream of lies and deceit. Now, after having offered to pay for any alterations that will make his suit better for him (the only hong I can do now that it is altered and worn), he tells me that won't work and demands a new jacket or legal action.

I've gone above and beyond to be understanding in both situations but I'm met with this bullying that everyone here seems to be OKAY with. Why the free pass? This is not acceptable behavior - it needs to clearly and loudly said.

Everyone here knows these posts are not My style. I don't think it's okay to have this stand as is and tarnish our reputation as well as the reputation of the good folks at Sartoria Formosa - so I have to respond. The nonsense and lies need to be addressed by me then - cause no one else will.

Well since I have publicly been called someone who constantly lies and deceives and since the SF admins will not do anything after I have reported this as offensive, I will need to address this myself. 


@gdl203Greg, let's make this pure and simple. You believe that this chargeback was initiated by me. I did not and you have defamed me in public. So here is my offer to you. Let's have a 3 way conference call with the bank and I want you to hear from them that I did not initiate the chargeback. When I called them couple months ago, I asked #1 why there has there been a chargeback after couple weeks after the purchase and why my statement shows that I am the one who initiated the chargeback. They said that it was initiated by the fraud department and they could not answer why it says that it was initiated by the customer. I told you all this. Since you do not believe me and since you think I am a habitual liar, let's settle this. You, me, and the bank have a 3 way conference call just to confirm that it was not me who initiated the chargeback. I am not some ToJ or some jerk who's going to steal YOUR money. You've insulted me based on the wrong facts. You know my home address, you now where I work, you know I am active here. To think that I would lie and steal from you is ridiculous. And let me remind you, you have been paid. 


What you are doing is distracting everyone from this initial post. 

Originally Posted by The Noodles View Post

This is my recount of my purchase from No Man Walks Alone and the fallout from it. 


- I purchased my fourth Formosa suit. 

- Upon receipt, I check the tags on the jacket and the receipt. It said 50R.

- After getting it back from the tailor, I take some pictures. The shoulders keep coming out narrow.

- Greg asks me if I have gained weight and mentions that the camera angle is bad even though I use the same angle on other Formosa suits.

- I decide to measure the shoulder. 

- Greg questions my measurement technique.

- I remeasure with a tape ruler and post pictures of the measurements.

- I am asked why I aired this for all to see. 

- The measurements on the shoulders for this jacket labeled 50R is 46 cm. The website has 48 cm. 2 cm difference. 

- The measurements on the chest for this jacket labeled 50R is 107 cm. The website has 110 cm. 3 cm difference.

- We go to private messaging. 

- Greg offers to pay for any alterations necessary to fix the shoulders. 

- I go to my tailor and he refuses. I called Field and he says it will most likely not be possible to extend the shoulders.


I am extremely frustrated at this whole situation. Why? I received a jacket that had measurements that were unacceptably off for some $2,000 suit.


Yes, it has been altered and worn. But the fact that I paid $2,000 and received a mislabeled item boggles my mind. It is not what I paid for. I repeat, I did not pay for a mislabeled jacket. 


Why is it my responsibility to check the measurements?  


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How does one unsubscribe from a thread?
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Jesus, what the hell man. PM or call him. This crap doesn't need to be out in public.

Can we delete any posts regarding the grey fresco?
1. They aren't getting anywhere
2. Bad publicity for all involved.
3. Ruining the thread.
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