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Originally Posted by EFV View Post

Damn you guys for leading me to that farfetch site. Now I ended up ordering a pair of awesome Burgundy PTB's. Anyway, if anyone else is ordering from them, feel free to use my name as a code to get 10% off the price: ERIK MANNBY

I ended up with three ties and a square:

EDIT: Blue neat now spoilered was out of stock - but they've given me 10 quid credit as a "dreadfully sorry about that, old chap" gesture.

Tie out of stock (Click to show)
Originally Posted by Monkeyface View Post

I pretty much only wear solid ties these days. If I had to, a black grenadine and a black knit are really all I need. It's such a simple, yet surprisingly sophisticated look. It's very sober and understated, but because not many people dress like that these days it still stands out for the right reasons.

I don't own a grenadine, and I'm in no rush, but black is the one I plan to buy when I do, and it may be the only solid gren I buy.
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I own appx. 40 ties and everything in my rotation is something I would/will wear. I already sold off any completely unwanted ones and I'm debating whether or not to sell some that I like, but aren't getting much use.

I'd say I have more fall/winter than spring/summer ones. It definitely is not evenly split between seasons. Once we reach a certain point each summer I stop wearing a tie and go with a lot of linen shirt and SC combos instead. So far so good this summer, but the humidity is now here to stay and the temperature is creeping up.
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When 4-8 wears a year is a "heavy" rotation, you've got a lot of ties.

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If we haven't moved on from the tie discussion I will submit my collection of 23 ties.  I actually forgot to include my black bow tie which I wear with....black tie. I don't feel a need to purchase anymore, I do suppose a wine or burgundy colored tie would be good (I sold my burgundy grenadine recently as it just looked to red to me in photos), a houndstooth tie, and maybe a glen plaid bowtie to wear with double breasted pieces.  All the solids are heavily textured.  I wear a tie on average probably 3 days per week, less in summer than in winter.


Woolen ties along the top 7 in total.  All worn in cooler temps

Five knits worn year round and with regularity

One satin silk worn at night sometimes

Five grenadines worn year round

Two raw silk ties for summer plus a pink/blue cotton for summer

Two patterned twill BB ties, one in a check pattern the other brown


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A purely practical question for those with large tie collections.


How do you store them?  Mine are rolled and stacked in various places around my bedroom.  I'd like a more space-conserving option that keeps them all visible, but ...





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I have tie hangers that hold 12 ties each. Then my knits (15 or so) are rolled.


If I had to have only one type of tie, knowing what I like to wear, it would be knits. I guess I would get wool knits for the winter.

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Missed a lot lately, but this conversation has made me want to go through my ties to catalog and purge what I no longer want. I shall photograph the remainder.

I second the tie hangers, I have several, and of different styles. I don't have enough drawer space to be able to store them laid out or folded. I spent a good amount of time a few months back reading a lot of old threads where these things were discussed. All it did was make me wish I had more drawers or a larger closet for a cool/custom tie storage solution, haha.
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At this point I think SF should have a spinning rolodex gallery function where you exhibit the ties in your collection.

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Great collection of brown ties! I had no idea the color was so versatile. Honestly, in a store brown looks rather lifeless, but I can see by your photos that they softly blend with quite a few colors. Very elegant.
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I wonder if Hober's Reppe will look as good as this Drake's Reppe. I'll make an order soon.


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Originally Posted by semperexcelsius View Post

Probably mostly texture—if you look at @heldentenor's list without the grenadines, you still have a good amount of pattern but not nearly as much texture. I think it's probably good to have one or the other in almost all of your ties.


Exactly.  There are almost zero tie-wearing circumstances where a grenadine of some flavor won't prove acceptable.  I wear mine mostly with patterned jackets but on the rare occasions I don a full suit, I often reach for a grenadine as well.  


Originally Posted by TweedyProf View Post

Pics are worth many words.




Ask and ye shall receive, albeit a hasty one: 



That's everything but one of the grenadines I wore today.  



@Academic2 As for storage, I use this: https://www.hangerproject.com/the-john-hall-cedar-tie-organizer-chrome.html  

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Grenadines occupy a middle-ground between truly solid and truly patterned, with the weave itself being a visible pattern, just a relatively subtle one.  For that reason I like them in contexts where a solid would often work perfectly well, but where for whatever reason I want a bit of extra visual interest but an actual patterned tie would be too much. 





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Some interesting tie organizing options on pinterest:







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So I pulled a bunch out that I don't really care for any longer. I will probably pull some more, but I now have some real holes...

I have a new Navy pindot on the way from a fellow SFer. I would like a good quality solid Navy though.
I need some green (I pulled like 5 that I never was quite satisfied with, so never wore)
And I really want some rust-ish colors, and need to start adding more texture.
Any suggestions on these or others that would be good to add? I'm a sucker for brown ties as well, but I just pulled a few that I don't really reach for any more.

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