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Originally Posted by Claghorn View Post





I have this one - highly recommended. Should hopefully look great with my summer grey glen plaid suit

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Thanks for pointing out the sale, Claghorn. I went for the grey plaid and a grey neat. A bit more useful than brown neats for me, as I mainly wear black shoes.
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I have the grey ET neat - it's a good tie. I hate to sound Noodle-esque, but the green neat and the navy/light blue neat are both only available in 8cm widths so I took a pass.

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9 cm or 3.5" all the way, baby!
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Originally Posted by The Noodles View Post

9 cm or 3.5" all the way, baby!


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^^what does that mean?

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Originally Posted by Claghorn View Post

I'm sort of surprised that this is still in stock from Henry Carter (~60USD)


Mine arrived a couple of days ago.  It's a corker.


Originally Posted by jssdc View Post

^^what does that mean?


It means Mrs Noodles might consider him to be barely over half way.

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I'm going to go out on a limb here and support @Monkeyface 's suggestion that SVB could improve his overall clothing experience by working out for a while to modify his body shape and proportions.


It seems like reasonable advice to me and I'm really not sure why it was slapped down with such vehemence.


After twenty years of carrying a spare tyre, I finally decided to do something about it. I've lost a measly 4kg over the past four months or so. Pathetic really, but it's made a big difference to how my clothes fit and I'm very pleased I did it.


MF's advice was clearly offered in good faith and without malice. Sure, building up muscle won't make bow legs less bowed, but it might shift visual balance away from those bow legs. I have bow legs too. So do some other very well-dressed guys on this forum. We've found solutions and therefore so can you.


SVB, I fully understand that you may not be in a position to follow MF's specific advice for any number of reasons. Or you might just like yourself a real lot the way you are right now, and that's fine too. But you're asking for advice, people are giving it, and I feel the generosity of that should be recognised, even if some of the thinking is a little more "lateral" than you expected.


Good luck with your trouser journey. I need to lift my trouser game too.

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Ah.  Trouble is I was only thinking of ties.


Thoughts on this one?



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Re: Body Shape

I think this is a tough one. Specifically, I think that different people have different and varied problems with gaining muscle mass, losing weight, etc., such that there is not a one size fits all policy. Further, some people just don't have the time to hit the gym every day. Between cardio and weights, I prefer weights, and I don't have 1.5-2 hours a day to spend on "self improvement." We are all here because we like clothing. I agree, having a good physique is HUGE for tailored clothing. But I don't think that is necessarily the "answer." Some people like how they look as is, without feeling the need to get muscles.


I am on team @PatrickR here. MTM, in my opinion, is just not worth it, unless you have a physique that is made for MTM. One of the purposes of tailoring is to hide your flaws, or at least make them less apparent. You have narrow shoulders? A little bit of shoulder extension. You have a puny chest? A fuller chest. When you are measuring yourself for MTM (well, at least online MTM, and some bad MTM services), you are going to measure your dimensions, which, oftentimes, are not aesthetically pleasing. For me, at least, MTM is in the no man's land between RTW and Bespoke, such that there really does not seem to be much of a benefit. MTM cannot fix a lot of the problems that bespoke can, and, unlike RTW, it can often lead to disastrous results.
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I don't agree with any advice relating to body improvement. It's just kind of intrusive especially when SVB isn't seeking help on how to build body mass. Not like he came here to complain about his weight.

There is more to just hitting the gym and pigging out to gain weight. People have health issues or challenges that keeps them at a certain weight. Long story short, let's mind our business and stay focused on clothing.
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Indeed. I have health issues that prevent me from working out. When I lift weights I experience fatigue and soreness. When I run I find it difficult to breath and my heart starts racing. If not for these infirmities I would be at the gym every day.

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It's the cheapest way to fix a problem though. We often think our bodies are unchangeable, but for 95% of the general population it's quite easy to fix stuff, and doesn't take much time at all. You could easily do 10 minutes of stretches before going to bed, or when watching a show or listening to music. Hell, I even do some simple shoulder and neck stretches in the office.


  • My pants were fitting ill due to a forward hip posture. I've been doing stretches to alleviate it and now my trousers fit better.
  • I was extremely hunched over and had rounded shoulders, which caused my jackets to fit badly. I strengthened my back, stretched my pecs and a did a couple of other exercises. It's still not perfect, but much better now -> Jackets fit much better.
  • Had a dropped shoulder. Did stretches and exercises to correct it. It's still slightly dropped, but not very noticeable. -> natural shoulder jackets fit much better now.
  • I'm currently working on fixing my forward neck posture and correcting certain other imbalances.
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^Too many assumptions in your post. Always be cognizant of the fact that what applies to you doesn't always apply to everyone.
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There aren't that many conditions that prevent people from doing a couple of stretches every day. Lifting weights is more difficult and there are more conditions that prevent people from doing that, and it does cost a bit more time and time and money, albeit not terribly much, so I'll concede that point.

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