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Originally Posted by GuP View Post

I couldn't open on my phone earlier but now at home I can.

I see what you mean by "rolls" now. I like your blue striped shirt's collar you wore on May 10. Have you ever had one made by Luxire by any chance? I would love to get some measurements of that collar and perhaps try to recreate with luxire.



I suspect that's the one I had made based on the Kamakura collar (it's a one button)?


I'm sure someone in the Luxire thread has sent in the Kamakura collar to copy. I had mine done with a unfused, soft interlining (I think my Kamakura was fused), put on the body of my standard shirts. Might just make a query to see if someone has done that collar with Luxire. I'm sure it's been done. 


I use Hemrajani (mytailor) as I've been measured personally to avoid on-line MTM issues, and have been tweaking with them, in person, ever since by dropping in with my shirts and talking it through. We've adjusted collar height, point length, shape, tweaks to various parts of the body, etc.


They are probably annoyed with me at this point, but I usually spend about an hour walking through shirt modifications in their office as we discuss tweaks, take measurements. It's a nice, I think nearly bespoke process. I strongly recommend any process where you can see someone in person.


Actually @sugarbutch used to use them, but switched to Luxire. Curious why. SB?

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Originally Posted by WillingToLearn View Post

Jumping on the Conrad Wu sale.  This tie strikes me as the "think about it in an outfit" advice that sage senior members pass along in this thread.  Seems like it really only works with a a white shirt, which to my mind limits its potential:

Additional items in my cart
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I am hoping the green grenadine is fairly dark.  It wont get much play from me if it isn't.  also those two greens seem potentially duplicative, especially since I have this olive that is one of my favorites at the moment,
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The blue tie will go with a lot of shirts. White, Pink, Brick red and white stripes, brown and white stripes
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I forgot to say something, but I remember thinking that tie would be pretty simple to work with ...

Technically, any tie should be a "think about it in an out fit" tie but if you just meant that it's difficult to work with I would definitely disagree.
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Hi gents,


I currently have 3 suits, and I am looking for a fourth.


I have a light/mid grey, a navy and a charcoal:

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)






I am interested in trying Spier & Mackay's model 2 in the blue windowpane.




My thinking is that the mid-blue would be a nice addition, and I think I could get away with wearing the jacket as a separate with odd trousers.


Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks!

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The quality of S&M does not look good to me at all ...

But that aside, I also don't think that jacket can stand on its own and not look like the top half of a suit.

If you want a (ugh) BlazerSuit then I think SuitSupply would be an option since some of their suits have patch pockets and fabrics that would make the jacket be able to be worn separately.

And the cost wouldn't be too far off from S&M.
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Originally Posted by TM79 View Post

The quality of S&M does not look good to me at all ...

They're certainly cheap to buy (currently on sale at two for $600 USD), and surely worse than Caruso and the like, but are they worse than Suit Supply? I really have no idea.
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Question for noodlers - Can anyone point me to the picture of Mark Cho in the tan/blue/brown "Armoury Check" jacket where he is wearing a green tie. I could have sworn it was the subject of some discussion in this thread a while back (possibly about navy pants) but I cannot find it. About to order a green grenadine and the discussion above re the depth of the green and wearability has given me pause.

Thanks in advance.
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You're young. Go to the new place. You'll be able to find a new job even if it goes down - you have a good resume/job experience. Take a risk.
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Knowing what I know about your situation, B.

As long as you and Mrs. Noodles are still visiting.
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Originally Posted by venividivicibj View Post

You're young. Go to the new place. You'll be able to find a new job even if it goes down - you have a good resume/job experience. Take a risk.

Agreed - and at $30k more per year it isn't even all that much of a risk. Noodles your risk appetite will (probably) drop when you have kids so do it now.
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I honestly don't think you gave enough info for anyone who doesn't know you very well to give any more than a hot take type of answer. So, I defer to Clags.
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I'm also curious as to what better location means. We obviously know where you are now ...

If better means Manhattan then a lot of that 30k could be negated by cost of living increase.
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I changed jobs every 2-2.5 years when I was starting my career. It was hugely beneficial in both the short term and long term.  Short term - comp and title, which compounded with each change and long term in varied experience and perspective.  I'd recommend a change based on the dynamics you provided even before factoring in the negative review.  Has your prospective employer not asked to see your reviews?  If not, consider yourself lucky and quickly put some distance between yourself and your current employer and that review.

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