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Originally Posted by Caustic Man View Post


For my part if I had to have a brown one shoe it would probably be something like AE's McAllister. In calf or shell.



Originally Posted by Claghorn View Post

My one brown shoe (for what I wear regularly) would be suede (captoe or wingtip, ideally with light brogueing). And having a decent idea of what you wear and what you intend to wear for the next couple of years, I'd say suede would work for you. If I couldn't wear suede, it would be a brogued calf shortwing




That's actually not a bad progression.  Black captoes because one day you'll need to bury grandma, brown calf brogues because you're a man of substance, chocolate suede because you're a man of style. 

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I've been to, I think, 8 funerals in my life (3 for friends). I have yet to go to a wedding as an adult and I'm almost 30. If you are single and/or have a medical condition, know me IRL at your own risk.

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Trip to Texas has been canceled as a precautionary measure.
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Speaking earlier of SuSu, thought I would take a gamble on a blue/brown check 'soft tweed' SC before I hit colder weather. Fresh out of the box. Thoughts? (Ignoring shirt/pant combo as best you can)

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I just want to say that that photo essay by Mr. Six was one of the best things to ever happen to the GNAT.
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Sebastian, that SC looks small on you, to me.

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Tight or short?
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Tight, to me. Length in bottom pic seemed ok.
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I'm a noob so take it for what it's worth but to me that jacket looks short in the third pic, better in the fourth and also tight through the chest, shoulders and upper arm. Am sure others will chime in. Does it feel like a good fit?

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It feels fine. This size and cut is usually a safe bet but I think the thicker fabric is cutting a little too close. Noodlesque angles prob don't help the photos
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Originally Posted by sebastian mcfox View Post

Tight or short?


Both, I'm afraid. Nice fabric, though.

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Buttoning point seems high, no?

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Fabric does look very nice - agreed. I'm usually a SuitSupply criticizer, but this is one of two jackets I'd been considering.

re: button point - yep. I think that's their Havana cut, which are all like that. The Havana jackets are usually the fabrics and patterns I like the most, too, and that ends up being the deal breaker for me.
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im not a fan of that pattern...too 70's rug for me

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Gotta agree with PCK1 on this one
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