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@sprout2 also has issues with his tailor, I think.


Also, Mrs. C and Noodles are having a long conversation. I find this hilarious.

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Originally Posted by The Noodles View Post

DC SuSu store had some horrible fabrics. That is all I can att3st to.

I dropped off 2 suits with my tailor today. She immediately asked if it was bespoke and said it fit really well. I only beef with her is she kept asking me if I really wanted 2" cuffs. She suggested no cuffs to my wife's delight. I told them 1.75". Ready by Wednesday, picking up on Saturday.

Noodles, if you know that your wife's suit sensibilities don't match yours, why take her with you to the tailor? At best, it sows conflict. At worst, you end up mutilating your suits.
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Originally Posted by Patrick R View Post

I am a 1.75" cuffs guy.

My kinda guy.

I would say good call Noodles....but you didn't make the call!
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1.75 all the way.
I made the call after looking at 2 "
The tailor suggested no cuffs and I stood my ground.

Clags, that wasn't Mrs Noodles she was talking to...
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SuSu fabrics are really hit or miss. And I think miss more often than hit. They miss in terms of quality, attractiveness, or both
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Originally Posted by The Noodles View Post

1.75 all the way.
I made the call after looking at 2 "
The tailor suggested no cuffs and I stood my ground.



Well good job then.  Can't wait to see the suits.

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Me too!
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So this week I got my first real suit. After doing some research, I decided on a navy blue, notch lapel, play-it-safe in all regards three piece. Ordered through Black Lapel MTM because I'm a skinny guy and the 'slim fits' in the menswear stores are like sacks on me. I'm posting pictures here to get critique on the fit of my suit and what I should do it improve it.





First off are the pants. As far as I know, suit pants are meant to be worn at the natural waist. However, when I try to wear them here the J-seam part digs into my crotch. In these pictures I am wearing my them on the hips, where I wear my jeans. My tailor refuses to even try to lengthen the rise.






The jacket and vest fit me better than anything I have ever worn before. (I've only worn two jackets though so there's that.) In my opinion, the shoulders fit perfectly, but the waist is a tad too tight, (x-marks by the button and crinkling on the back of the jacket).



When I sit down the pants always seem to do this and it's rather uncomfortable. Larger thigh measurement?


Not sure on what the proper etiquette is on how much sock should be revealed when one sits down, but this seems like a lot. Wearing navy socks alleviates the problem somewhat, but even still.



So there it is. My first attempt at fitted clothing. How'd I do? While I can send it back in to be remade if need be, I must have this suit by April 8 for a conference in DC.

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There are far worse attempts out there, particularly for online. You are right about the jacket being a big too tight around the waist. Jacket would probably benefit from being a tad longer (if you continue your relationship with them...though for a few hundred more, you'll have access to much better online MTM outfits like Kent Wang).


That is a lot of sock for how much break those pants have. Navy socks are the way to go.

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I would prefer a slightly lower buttoning point on the jacket as well as a higher rise on future suits (whether from them or another MTM outlet). Agree with Claghorn that the jacket is a bit tight in the waist. The jacket could be a little bit longer too. Pants could be a bit bigger through the upper leg as you mention.
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Waist too tight, agreed. Easy fixed.


Trousers - more difficult. Maybe there's some spare material your tailor could use to let them out in the thigh? If so, you might then shorten them a little - there's a bit too much break when standing right now. And if there's spare material and you are going to that trouble, why not get some 2" cuffs?


But if the thighs can't be let out, I suggest you simply avoid sitting down (unless it's at table).

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So with 1) larger waist, 2) longer jacket, 3) lowered button stance, and 4) higher rise, should I just have the suit remade? I don't think my tailor could do the rise or the jacket length alterations. However, I need something to wear at a scholarship thing from the April 8-12 and I don't know if they can remake it before then. But if I wait until after that to have it remade then it will be past the 30 day no return mark. 

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A good alterations tailor should be able to let out the waist and (if there's spare material) let out the trouser thighs well within that time frame.


Lowering the button stance and lengthening the jacket are both most likely impossible, so learn to love these minor idiosyncrasies. They are not deal-breakers; you can wear this suit with confidence and in good health despite them.


It's basically a good suit.

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I would keep the suit. I've seen far worse with online MTM. Just consider these things for future suits (though you probably can have a tailor let out the waist a bit).
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The vest isn't covering the trouser waistband (you can see the belt buckle in one of the photographs).


Not a huge deal, but something to keep in mind for future purchases.





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