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Originally Posted by The Noodles View Post

Same sizes on the jacket and the trousers as the glen plaid? I know I've asked like 100 times.
So when I got the pants, I had to take them out as much as possible and now they fit nicely. But my concern is that there is no fabric left because I took out the waist as much as possible. Is this okay? If that is not a problem, then I don't see why I shouldn't get it from you.

Yes, same thing. It's not an issue if they fit you.
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Noodles, I wear a suit maybe 3-4x a month and I have more suits that I am happy with than you do. This is a case of needing to rip off the Band-Aid and buy a few suits. Otherwise we're going to be having this same conversation in 3 months (which, while it keeps this thread going, really doesn't do anything for you). Be realistic about what you can afford to buy and continue to replace in the long-term and buy in that range. If it's Formosa, great. If it's SuitSupply and you want to add the occasional Formosa as a discretionary luxury, great. Just figure it out and take action.
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I can't continue to have nor continue to believe we're having this conversation nest.gif

I wear flannel through all of April, but May is probably pushing it, even for a lighter weight one like your PoW.
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Instead of writing the eyerolling comments that went through my head while reading the last few posts, I'll offer some good-natured advice: grab a couple of Kent Wang's trial suits while they're on sale. Since you're wearing the same suit every day anyway, this option would at least allow you to alternate so that they can rest for a bit. Go for size 42. Your wife might not even complain about the price.

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Noodles, if you can happily wear SuitSupply suits (there's certainly nothing wrong with them), then by all means use them to fill in the gaps. I just don't want to see a conversation in 3 months about how you are going through your SuitSupply beaters and still don't have enough Formosas. A couple SuitSupply suits could fill in nicely for awhile, but only if you're happy with them and can wear them as part of a rotation with your Formosas. I'm guessing preorders for Formosa's F/W lineup will happen in June (only half down so if you can afford one suit in June and one in September you can essentially preorder 2). And if Murl is giving you a great deal on a barely worn Formosa, you are crazy to not take it. Flannel may only be great until April / maybe early May in DC, but it works for most of the year and will be a staple in your wardrobe for years to come. Seems like a rare chance to get something you would pay full price for at a really good discount; don't let the fact that it's nearly March stop you from making a smart long-term purchase.
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This thread has done the rare but always appreciated 720 degree rotation.
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Gentlemen, I have a question about having a "transitional wardrobe." I'm currently in the process of getting into better shape and losing some weight, all while trying to learn more about menswear/clothing/what works for me. I'm a big guy, but not visibly overweight (until I remove my shirt). Reaching my ideal size/weight will most likely be a lengthy process, stretching to 6-18 months (all depending on how hard I work). Is it worth purchasing clothes throughout the process? Should I get my current wardrobe tailored as my size changes? Is there anyone here who has gone through something similar?

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I actually appreciate the fact that I can go away for a few weeks and trust that when I return you’ll still be discussing Noodles’ suit issues.


The thread is an island of stability in a sea of change.


I find that comforting.




Ac  :)

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Originally Posted by The Noodles View Post

The Noodles™ Suit Renovation Project - Spring Edition

#1 - Take these to tailor and start wearing them. P.o.W. (Click to show)
Birdseye (Click to show)
Glen Plaid (Click to show)
#2 - Purchase this asap. Grey Flannel (Click to show)
#3 - Visit Suit Supply

(Please help me by filling in the blank)

Just wondering why I can't see any of Noodles photos. Is it just me?

EDIT: weird, they show up when I quoted the post :P
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Historical recap. Over two months ago, an ill-advised idea:
Originally Posted by The Noodles View Post

Correct on the suits and count. 
The rotation won't be even. 
Formosa suits will probably be worn once a month. 
Wedding suit will probably be worn once in a blue moon. 
2 Zegna beaters will be worn most often. 

Will incorporate odd jacket and pants. 
I don't foresee additional acquisitions (suits) in the near future. 

And a strong rebuttal (and not the first) that was clearly (and sadly not surprisingly) ignored:
Originally Posted by Sotiris View Post

Despite the fact I've in the past sworn off continuing to give any advice, I just have to say this. I've tried to think of nicer ways to put this, but came to the realization that's just not in me. But here's my best effort.

You've recently acquired 3 new suits which you love. They fit well and look good. But instead of wanting to wear these once a week (you could probably even wear the birdseye twice a week for the time being) you want to wear them once a month?

And those old suits that are too small, which don't look good and must be uncomfortable, you want to wear all the time? I don't get it. Like. At. All.

Wear the suits. Clothes are meant to be worn, not protected. Don't be the guy who buys Star Wars toys only to keep them in their packaging.

I'm too tired of this to go back and recap the not even wearing jackets to the office discussion that bit him in the foot for one meeting (that we know of)
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The answer is "it depends," IMO. How much weight do you intend to lose (how many inches off your waist)? Do you intend to do any intense weightlifting that might result in jackets being too small in the chest / shoulders? Do you have regular needs to wear a suit / sport coat and tie or is it more something you'd like to do.

Over the past 7 months or so, I've probably lost 20 pounds and 2 inches or so off my waistline while maintaining most of my upper body mass. My jackets still fit in the chest and shoulders, but getting them taken in at the waist (and getting trousers taken in at the waist and seat) is a must. I've been putting it off and doing things like wearing suspenders with my suits, but eventually it's going to have to happen. My clothes weren't really roomy in the waist area when I had them made, so this may mitigate some of the effect.

If you don't have a regular need to wear tailored clothing, I'd say focus on the weight loss first and in the meantime save the money to have a larger war chest to acquire nice clothes while taking the time to learn about clothing and develop your tastes. Keep in mind your preference for things like the cut of a jacket or how slim or roomy you like your trousers may change as you get in better shape. If you want to make some acquisitions in the meantime, I'd start with shoes. You should be able to still wear them after losing weight. Ties are a possibility, though maybe not as practical if you aren't wearing tailored jackets much as you lose weight. Shirts are another possibility as getting something taken in a bit is a relatively minor operation. And when you get to your goal, don't spend all your saved money at once. Even if you think you know your preferences, you will make mistakes and it's better to start slow. Good luck.
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Originally Posted by The Noodles View Post

I thought I was pretty receptive of advice given here...

Guess it's time to step it up in the spring!

Be honest, how many times have you worn your Formosa over the past 2-3 months? Once each?

You're like those people who but a brand new sports car, but never drive it because they want to keep it in pristine condition.
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