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Nice, Iso.  Who  makes them?

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Originally Posted by Isolation View Post

Just received these. Too good for the price.



The Carmina chukkas?

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Loakes! I love them, as much as I love CJ and Vass also, they are very good for the price. They were 150 GBP on sale from pediwear I think.


I was going to get the Tetbury or the brown chukkas from CJ but I thought I'd save that for later and just wear these kind of as beaters, if it makes sense. I think they look fine as they are that calling them beaters would be a bit harsh. I guess I just mean they are dainite so I will wear them for rougher weather.

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Originally Posted by archibaldleach View Post

Call me crazy, but I see little use for three season odd trousers. I get it for suits, but there are so many good options for seasonal odd jackets and trousers that I don't see why one wouldn't stick to the seasonal options.

Limited budget for some would be the obvious answer to this. If that isn't the issue, I agree with you. I really enjoy the seasonal options too much to want 3 season odd trousers and Boston isn't exactly ideal for 3 season anything to begin with, either ...
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I think semi 3 season light weight flannels would be nice. I don't think these days with indoor heating (or just wear long johns yknow) you NEED heavy weight flannels, especially if it's a more casual color like white or very light gray flannel, so those I think should be fine as 3 season. I would say not having some moleskin/corduroy or linen would be missing out, but having a slightly less seasonal wardrobe is not necessarily that huge a sacrifice I think.

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Heavier flannels have amazing drape and really are practical and useful if you live in a city that gets a very cold winter, and you do walking during the week. Boston is very much a walking city and I'd take a heavy flannel pant over mostly anything else on those cold days. Plus, they look pretty awesome and that never hurts.

But in more temperate climates I agree with you. Although, technically, none of us really need any of this stuff we talk about outside of the very core staple items. It's all about that swag.
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If you can afford it I'd do both, but it might not be practical to have different weight flannels for every color including more casual and less versatile ones. I'd get a mid gray flannel in both weights if I can for sure.


I feel really spoilt because I already have more non staple items than I should reasonably need. I don't really NEED more linen or moleskin trousers. I have them though. I like them, looks nice with my new suede chukkas =P Which I also don't need as I already have 3 other pairs of chukkas. Sigh.

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Originally Posted by jfrater View Post

Actually - here's a better question:

Please name the 5 - 10 essential trousers a gentleman should have in his wardrobe if he wears primarily woolen sports coats. Please (if possible) include weights. Based on a 2 cool, one hot, on cold (min 0c - no snow) season.


Here's how I would roll. Simplified with links to a single brand from a single store. 


Cool and colder seasons:

2 mid grey flannel (

1 light grey flannel (

1 mid brown flannel (

1 beige flannel (

1 mid khaki chino (



1 light beige chino (

2 light grey worsted (

1 beige linen (

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I'd go with:


Mid Gray Flannel

Light Gray Flannel

White Flannel

Wheat/Khaki Flannel/Cord/Moleskin

Brown Cord/Moleskin

Light Gray Fresco

Charcoal Fresco

Tan/Wheat Linen

Brown Linen

(Off) White Chinos


I like Navy but I personally think they are far less versatile as a trouser color than gray, tan, white, brown or even olive. They are imo a luxury and pairs best with very plain/neutral jackets or in fact boldish patterned shirts (loud blue stripe on white or check) and no jacket. Obviously most people have them because they have blue suits, but I wouldn't really consider them necessary. I'd just get a blue suit that can be unpaired like a flannel or fresco, and then you wouldn't worry about it, and you won't wear it much so you don't have to worry about wearing them out.

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Originally Posted by jrd617 View Post

^ HATE that jacket. Screams suit
@in stitches

I love that SC, but wish it was a suit. Dont love the PS there either but thats just me. Hard to hate on Doc tho. Well, impossible actually.


Staple odd pants imo

3 shades of gray
2 shades of brown
1 beige

Das all you need as far as I am concerned. A green is also nice, but not staple.
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I find one can wear heavier trousers than jackets as weather gets warm. Depending on climate, F/W trousers may work in 3 seasons of the year but I consider this different from advocating for 3 season trousers. Lighter flannel in the 11 ounce range isn't something I'd consider a true season cloth. When I think 3 season cloth, I tend to think something mid weight with little seasonal differentiation which is neither here nor there.
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I've always been a bit confused by the term "3 season". Is it Fall to Spring? Spring to Fall? I've heard it used to describe both, but have often wondered if there was a true, correct meaning.
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No one likes twills for winter? In addition to flannels? Mix it up a bit texture wise.

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Thread Starter 
I twill in winter. When people ask about it, I tell them I'm twintering. The answer is so convincing, there's never a follow up question.
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Cavalry twill is fine in winter. I have a pair and wear them sometimes. I do prefer flannel by a good margin, though.
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