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What's the width?

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Originally Posted by The Noodles View Post

What's the width?


NVD the W feel the Q!
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I'm going to do a 180 on the tie in terms of it being a keeper. I'm imagining it in the first look, but with a suit rather than odd jacket.

But it's dark enough against white.
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It's 3 inches at widest point. My lapels from my recent jackets have been on the wider side so it might seem a bit thin, but some of my other jackets have closer widths.


Clags does that mean you now think it is a keeper or not? Just making sure.

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Return and get a 3.5" tie. Get a nice navy one. Or order from our affiliates.


Ah, the good old days of me going to NM and buying a bunch of ties only to return them the same day as I went thru my panic attacks on SF.

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Wider ties, unfortunately, just aren't popular. so there's an extremely limited selection. There weren't any good ones, and I think this is fine for 20 pounds. I do generally get them in 3.25 or 3.5 from Hober, but those are more expensive of course. Anyway I don't think 3inches is THAT narrow.

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Originally Posted by Isolation View Post

Wider ties, unfortunately, just aren't popular. so there's an extremely limited selection. There weren't any good ones, and I think this is fine for 20 pounds. I do generally get them in 3.25 or 3.5 from Hober, but those are more expensive of course. Anyway I  think 3 inches is DAMN narrow.

Huh? Unpopular where? You don't live in China, Korea, or Japn. I don't understand. 

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How much did you pay for it? And if returned, would you keep the money or look for a different tie?

And how often do you wear suits?

Ah, 20 quid. Well, that's not too much. But I'll stand by the statement that that's going to be tough to wear outside of a suit. The right shade of gray trouser will make it work. And probably some unconventional combos that'll work (though not the ones you posted)

3 inches is too narrow for me, but might be alright for Iso. Also, I have some 3 inch ties for sale pretty cheap ^_^
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If I returned I'd get 20 pounds back yeah, or I can get a different tie but I think it'd be tough to find another useable tie. It was a small shop and their selection is pretty meh in general. Lots of satin stuff with lots of sheen that's kinda ew. I'll try it with a gray suit perhaps, or perhaps the brown jacket with gray flannels? That should be okay I think?



re: noodles


More than half the ties are slim ties, and all the wider ties are non textured ones which I don't really need more of since I don't wear them much + they are all fugly, like just go to the TM Lewin site lol.

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3 inches is a fine width for a tie, a little on the slim side by SF standards but ok. That one looks a bit tapered at the top possibly making it look thinner than it is. I like the tie though.

Clags is right though, it's a navy suit/white shirt tie and I see nothing wrong with that. Wearing it with white denim and odd jackets is not the right way to wear it though.
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@Isolation, re. the issues with your jacket: the fold across your right shoulder and the button not ligning up with the buttonhole are most likely being caused by a (severely) dropped shoulder. A good alterations tailor should be able to correct that.

The tie is nice though a bit narrow, it goes well with the jacket and I quite like the white shirt in this context. But your trousers are awful, sorry to say. Way too casual (rolled up cuffs, really?) for this fit and the cream just doesn't work in this context. Light grey flannels with a neat crease would result in a nice monochrome look.

Oh, and did someone mention the haircut already? ;)


@jfrater, the shirt in my fit is a blue/white dogtooth. The shirt you suggest might go with that pinstripe suit, though probably the blue is too dark: you will likely end up with suit and shirt having the same shade from a distance. Better to stick with solids there, IMO.

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No one likes me jawnz =[


Haircut is on its way but I must warn you guys it's still going to be quite long.

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There are some people in the world, a few of whom post on SF, who have long-ish hair and incorporate it into their style, but I predict that you will never be taken seriously, neither here on SF nor out there in the real world, as long as you persist with that sweeping crash helmet thing. It's time to grow up and start looking like a mature man if you want to be considered as such. I realise that sounds dreadfully old-fogeyish, but it happens to be the way of the world outside of certain specific occupations. Lots of people experiment with non-conforming hair, clothes etc., at a certain age as they are indulging in their period of self-expression. I did this myself, but always knew at some point that if I wanted a 'proper' job, sooner or later I would have to join society and conform. I believe that an ongoing theme/rationale of SF is for people who wish to maintain their concern for self expression via clothing but do so in a more subtle, mature, conventional setting which is appropriate in the (business) workplace and social gatherings. Your choice.

A similar case is a friend and work colleague of mine who is probably in the second half of his forties but has taken to wearing a pathetic Stevie Ray Vaughan style 'soul patch' (god, I even hate that term!) on his chin. I'm sure he thinks it makes him look young and edgy and down with the kids, non conformist, sticking it to the man, etc. but in reality he looks pathetic and is getting laughed at for this unfortunate mid-life crisis move. it really just looks like he missed a bit shaving ... every day! I tried to tell him that if he wants to set himself apart from business drones he can do that with subtle touches like cuff links, pocket squares, quality ties, well fitted clothes etc., and he is no dunce when it comes to matters sartorial, but the thing remains on his chin and he remains and object of mirth in the office.
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I always get taken seriously. I mean this is how I'm going to work today:

Seriously though I want it longish but not too long like I have, I am just really lazy about getting haircuts I'll aim to get one every month I think.

As for conforming/non-conforming, if that opinion is the kind that thinks that men dressed like women and women dressed like men is unsightly, immature, or revolting, or in general a bit of a joke, then I don't really care at all.

I'm more than happy to admit that my hairstyle is unkempt, unstylish, silly, etc, but I won't agree that it's because it's long, or not masculine, or in general non-conforming in gender/sartorial presentation. That's not a perspective whose opinions I'm interested in. That's why I don't in fact work in an office job under or with people with those views. I'm here to learn all I can about dressing well from what is a fairly narrow and elite perspective on menswear and apply it to my own preferences and aesthetics, but I'm not really concerned with "being taken seriously" if indeed you think people who dress in a alternate or queer or whatever manner are not worthy of being taken seriously. I imagine you'd say the same about much of SWD and their asymmetry and so on then. In any case yes, it is my choice.

I remember my last blue db jacket being remarked upon as having a feminine cut. As far as I'm concerned that's great. I'm not even sure why it's a bad thing.

My haircut is awful I'm not excusing that, but it's not because it's non-conforming or because it's long. It's just not properly upkept.

I'm not interested in dressing and looking "like a man," mature or otherwise. That's an objective taken by the majority if SF like some kind of axiom but that's not my objective and I reject the idea that it's the only respectable way to be.
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I think long hair can look really good with CM, but not when worn in a Bieber-ish manner. Incontro, Nick and Luigi do it quite well IMHO:

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