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Noodles, obvi buy both, but I think you should try a gray. But the Birdseye is the ish. You need both.
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You have got to be kidding me!:censored:

I hate it when people do not listen to good advice. However, this is more about taste.


Good advice goes unheeded?! 

Get out of here!

What about the 3 damn suits that I got rid of for 1/10(?) of the retail price?

What about the damn Isaia suit that I returned?

What about all the damn ties I purchased?

What about all the damn navy ties that I returned?

Get out of here!

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This thread never ceases to entertain. Noodles, assuming you are getting a decent price on a lightly used Formosa from Murl, this seems like a really good idea. Buy the Formosa you like from NMWA and use the proceeds from your other sales to get the Formosa from Murl (which will be much nicer than anything you buy from SS).
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Doodals, bite Murls hand off at the perfectly tailored shoulder FFS!
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Right. But you are ignoring great advice to buy the Murl suit. Its objectively awesome and your resistance is foolish, based off of a foolish notion you created, that I am sure would be dispelled after one wear of the suit, like so many of your notions that came and went in this thread.

HOWEVER, if you can swing only one suit now, and you want the birdseye more, and you know it will be available, that is the only reasonable reason to pass on the Murl suit.

If by any way you can swing both, do that 100%. Hell, if you need some time to kop the Murl suit, Im sure he will hold it for you. If he doesnt, whoops!
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Noodles why do you think the gray suit won't look good?


Like to be fair I personally prefer more british styling and stronger shoulders, but that suit is just objectively good looking, and having variety is not bad. Complexion wise when I said some grays don't look great for east Asians I don't think this applies because it has enough textural interest and you can still have high contrast.

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He's just stuck in this weird twilight zone where he wants everything to have navy in it. 


Noodles, look at it this way. If you buy that suit from murl and end up hating it. I'm sure you could sell it for as much as you pay for it. You're really taking on a tiny amount of risk here. 

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Aight. I am all ears. Somebody explain to me why the patch pockets should not even be a problem, in a CBD environment. I will listen to your wise words.


Kulata has shown me enough Eastern Asians in grey suits to not even think about the complexion issue. 

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Because they don't affect the fit and they're not incorrect on a suit?


Tell me why they'd be out of place at your office?

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pocket just hanging out like that without a flap MAY look casual.

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Patch pockets on a suit imply less formality than besom or flap pockets. You wear suits every day to work but--and this is inference so could be wrong--don't frequently meet with clients. Therefore, the slightly more casual element of patch pockets will have no effect on the appropriateness of the suit at all for your typical use. At most, they will be a signifier that you're a person who thinks about clothes, but it sounds like your co-workers already know that about you. Most people won't notice them. But as you wear the suit, you'll come to think of them as a cool differentiator.

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This is my argument:

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They ARE more casual, but do you seriously think you'll encounter a lot of people who are aware of the different levels of formality in pocket types on a daily basis? If it's alright to walk around without a jacket when wearing a tie, patch pockets shouldn't be a problem. It all comes down to what you prefer I guess. Personally, I always prefer patch pockets to flaps, but it seems like you don't. I think you've gathered enough basic knowledge to be able to go with the pocket style you prefer.
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