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That's a no-go on the birdseye pants as separates.

Agreed with MF. Birdseye is for suits. Especially that Dugdale worsted suiting you have posted. Maybe a woolen flannel would work...

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Yeah I do prefer solids in general. I was thinking about getting brown in birdeseye instead of solid. Was going to get a blazer suit. Do you guys think birdeseye trousers would be usable as a separate? I think so, it adds some texture. So deciding between these two:
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Also, my bad. Its an Isaia for SFA, not from NMLC.

In case anyone has no idea what SC Clags was talking about, its this:

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That's not Birdseye, just a plain weave navy. Perfectly fine for a SC.
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Of course it's fine, and of course it's not an orphan. Here is more of a close up pic for you all to decide what fabric it technically is.:

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Disregard, that is definitely birdseye. I've seen enough pictures of it on you to know that it makes for a nice SC.
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Since I'm quite happy with my tailoring experience I'm looking to swap out all my trousers for tailored ones, and picking mostly dugdale fabric since I like their value and I'm happy with them. I'm looking to get a pair in fresco (new fine worsted) mid gray, then 13oz hopsack (English and Town Classic)  in mid and darker gray, and then use these as my basic trouers to pair with sportcoats. Considering also getting mid gray in linen for summery outfits. Also I already have some white/cream chinos and jeans and I'm not sure if it's necessary but also thinking about white/cream linen trousers. I feel like they are going to be slighly superfluous so maybe I shouldn't. Also thinking of getting a darker brown pair of cords.


Right now I have trousers in:

Flannel: Gray + Navy.

Worsted: Mid Gray, French Blue, Black.

Linen: Tan, Light Brown, Chocolate Brown, Sky Blue.

Others: Tan Cords, Fawn Moleskin, Olive Moleskin


So to this I'm adding light weight wool mid gray, then heavier weight mid and dark gray.


Anything I'm missing?


Oh yeah going to get that fresco chocolate blazer suit so I can wear the trouers as separate. I really like brown, I feel like it's an underrated and versatile color for both trousers and jackets.


I think I've got a pretty healthy mix of things and should probably tone down the buying of things after that, though really not having proper gray trouers is slightly embarrassing. I still haven't received half my suits from dream, zzz.

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Still no.
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Disregard, that is definitely birdseye. I've seen enough pictures of it on you to know that it makes for a nice SC.

Indeed it makes for an awesome SC. That being said, I have yet an even more awesome, perfect really, navy SC that edmorel is working on right now.
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This birdseye might work for odd trousers

woolen flannel

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tbh I think I think birdseye is more interesting on an SC than trousers. I have seen a pair of charcoal birdseye trousers that seemed interesting but I felt like it'd be a bit distracting if anything.


I really don't see how birdseye would be bad for a blazer/SC though. I think it looks really good. I actually have a brown one that's... well idk the weave. I'll take a picture:



I'm not sure if it's birdseye but it's quite similar in that it's a darker thread and a lighter one, and I think it looks very nice.

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That looks like hopsack to me.
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Iso, how can you be happy with your tailoring, especially your trousers? None of them fit even remotely well, and I'm confident you can get a much better fit with OTR pants.
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Sidebar - Not all birdseye fabric, or any weave for that matter, are the same. Obviously, a better fabric will look better in general, like that roll in jrd's post. Just felt like saying that.
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I'll post a picture of the tailored trousers later but I think they are okay. It's just the first pair and the ones from the other tailor that aren't good. fwiw the OTR tailors I've had had been terrible for me.


Alright here they are:






As you can see I am not wearing a belt, there are generally no stacking at the break (no break) if I wear a belt or use braces. I assume it's normal to make trousers a bit looser so without an adjuster/braces/belt it'd be slightly loose.


What do you think I should change with my next trousers? Like I said I did ask for these to be quite slim, my flannel ones are looser, and perhaps I should make them all looser, but I do like the slim look.

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