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Originally Posted by aravenel View Post

I have a busy few days without checking SF and come back to this thread having 800+ unread posts. WTF.

I leave for 15 minutes and there are 40 new posts. Which means it's a good active thread.

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Originally Posted by TweedyProf View Post

I leave for 15 minutes and there are 40 new posts. Which means it's a good active thread.

It is undoubtedly one of the best threads recently.

I'm mostly just annoyed that I missed so much of it frown.gif
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My bad...


Back to my suit question. Here it is online in its true colour. Never mind the fit. This colour will certainly not diversify my wardrobe collection, right?

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA: Suit Cool wool Button, zip 2 buttons Dual ba Grey, Detail 5 - 49136408HK
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Looks mad shiny.
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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

Looks mad shiny.


I don't think that's the same one you tried on Noodles.

That looks like it might have silk or mohair blended into it. Was yours 100% wool?
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No shine Doodals
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Originally Posted by Rudals View Post

The Mazz (white) has too much fabric sticking out at the waist.

Originally Posted by bourbonbasted View Post

Of the two, the Inglese fits your frame better. There are some obvious issues, but you'd have to wash the shirt a few times before saying what needs to happen to improve fit.

Originally Posted by Holdfast View Post

This. The Inglese is much more flattering. There are some issues, true, but for RTW, I'd suggest that it's actually very acceptable. Assuming the cuffs fit snugly/correctly when done up, that'll deal with the sleeve length issue too.

Originally Posted by jrd617 View Post


The Inglese looks better due to the more tapered waist. Definitely send back the Mazz. It doesn't fit you and isn't worth altering a $200 shirt in the waist.

You may want to look at Barba "Black Label" shirts. They are well tapered, and darted. Also look at Finamore. Stay away from Borrelli, those will probably fit more like the Mazz.

Kamakura is great too. Tokyo Slim and New York slim fits.

Originally Posted by Henry Carter View Post

Re those shirts, really impossible to tell with low rise jeans which skew the way it sits at your waist and having not ironed them (and the tuck looks a bit dodgy). I'd try both with a higher waisted proper pair of trousers and do a better tuck and check again. I'd make a bet that the mazz is more comfortable especially if sitting all day at a desk.

Thanks for feedback. I agree the inglese is more flattering, definitely fits the shoulders better and is a bit trimmer. A few concerns: the neck is rather large on the Inglese, though no one commented on that, and in fact it's not that apparent, particularly with a tie. Am aware of the "2 fingers 'rule'" and also that one should not rely on a tie to cinch up a loose collar. Meh...I see what appears to be some more relaxed collars in waywrn and it doesn't appear to have negative impact, at least not for me. The collar on Mazz is nearly ideal (note, the neck measurements for Mazz as listed on NMWA are inaccurate: the 16 is actually 16.7", not 16.4" and the 15.75 is approx 16.3" not 16". I mentioned this to Kyle).

The same characteristics that make the Inglese more flattering also make it somewhat more restrictive, as HC suggests (I also hear you re. higher rise trows). Snug in the shoulders and chest, not too bad in waist. I don't spend all day at a desk, so there's that, and I also don't plan to wear this rowing which could be somewhat problematic.

Then there's conventional washing, which might snug up the collar a bit, but also perhaps the chest, shoulders and waist? Since I have my shirts professionally hand washed--cold water, drip dry--the latter 3 would obstensibly not be an issue, but the collar would remain in a "relaxed" state. Oh, and to respond to mention of Barba, Finamore, Borelli et al, these will not work as the neck is too tight. As I've gotten olden my neck has thickened a bit, as well in a few other areas (which also suggests the super slim fits are not for me). Cruel Nature. This is what drew me to Mazz and Inglese to begin with, a collar that would not strangle me or force me to move top button over, causing other issues.

Not looking for perfection, just a well made RTW shirt that looks decent while also allowing a reasonable degree of comfort and mobility. Btw, the Inglese's are the nutz, as far as construction and finish goes, as others have pointed out.
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Ugh...can we venture on a quest to find me an awesome suit?!

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^ If the neck is too big when buttoned, return it.

You shouldn't own a $200+ shirt that doesn't fit right.

Move on and find a RTW brand that fits better than Mazz or Inglese
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Rudals, I haven't read all of the thread, but why not try some suitsupply suits? If you happen to make a mistake, it'll be a much less costly one, and they have free shipping and free returns.

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Rudals, a dark grey suit will certainly diversify your wardrobe beyond your current selection of various shades of blue. So will a medium grey suit. The real question is which color you like best. Medium grey is probably better with darker ties but otherwise I think any shade of medium to dark grey would be a great addition.

That particular suit as others have said is a bit too shiny. Being distracted by brands is not good but neither is being distracted by a suit that advertises some sort of high "Super" number. A lot of the nice but shiny suits I see are either mohair wool blends or have a high "Super" number. Just find a basic grey and non-shiny suit.
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^My point is, what truly constitutes too big in a collar? Beyond the cliche "looks like you borrowed your older brother's shirt" bit. Did you notice this in pics I posted? Granted you are looking at a mediocre photo, not viewing in person. As I say, with a tie, I don't believe it's noticeable (and not sure you would spot it in person w/o tie, without really studying it). And I don't notice the collar being deformed in any way once tie is tightened. Which is not to say someone with a very keen eye in these matters might not detect something, I just don't see it and I'm a fairly detail oriented guy.
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Originally Posted by AJL View Post

^My point is, what truly constitutes too big in a collar... I just don't see it and I'm a fairly detail oriented guy.

It's very difficult to tell if the collar fits in those pics.

The objective way to tell is to measure your neck all the way around with a tape measure. (Widest part, usually at the Adams apple)

Then measure the shirt collar laid flat. Measure from the center of the button stitching to the center of the button hole.

On an unwashed shirt, the difference between your neck circumference and the shirt collar circumference should be 0.75 inches. It will probably shrink to about 0.5 inches when washed, which is perfect in my experience. So you want to end up with about 0.5 inches of room.
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Originally Posted by Rudals View Post

Ugh...can we venture on a quest to find me an awesome suit?!

well, you need to find your way out of the same ole same ole cookie cutter department stores. while its true that NM carries many of the SF darling brands, they do not cater to the SF darling look.

their suits will either likely be big and boxy cut for the rotund bidness man out there, or short, slim and narrow lapeled for the new up and coming #menswear 20-30 something that just started making bank and wants to look fly at the club. none of that really falls within the bounds of what we tardos get amped up for.

you need to find a flattering cut, quality material and craftsmanship, lapels of a normal size and cuffs that are neither 7 inches nor 10. you need to find that, and i shudder to say this, "classic and timeless" yet current look. something italian or british but before the american pop cultureistas got their hands on it and abominated it.

i would honestly give NMWA a shot with the formosas, you may really like it a lot. they are on mad sale, but no returns, so you might actually want to request to pay the regular price minus 10% SF discount to allow for returns (if they even allow that). you should check B&S and see if anything NWT (because i know thats your jam) fits the parameters (again, the no returns might be a non starter for you).

try prices not cheap, but better than what you are used to, and well cut SF type stuff. same for shopthefinest and ehaberdasher. try howard yount and kent wang if you like. basically, anywhere that is not your local DC upscale department store. if you go the online route, and you are using a no return place, MAKE SURE YOU KNOW YOUR MEASUREMENTS (and that might be past you right now). but, and i hate to say this too, fucking up is also part of the game for getting well fitting suits before you get your measurements right.

also, and i cant believe im just thinking this now, you could try edmorels Panta custom route. takes a few months, but you get excellent product and pretty much assurance that the fit will be awesome.

basically, once again, you need to bust out of your comfort zone. as they say, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. if what you are finding at NM is not working, you need to expand your horizons.
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as to the other issue at hand, why and how is this any different than the ask a question a thread.

what comes to mind for me is this. the ask a question thread is not meant to help anyone who is trying to actually build something. it is, as it is meant to be, a place for drive by questions. what size JLs do i need if i wear x size EGs? is this suit real? who is having a sale now? does such and such accept returns? is this a good shirt? does this fit right?

its a wham bam thank you ma'am kind of jam.

its for people who either have their style down, or at least think they do, and just want a simple answer to a simple question. its not meant to engender conversation, debate or discourse. its not meant to really teach anybody anything. i dont mean that derogatorily, its just what that thread is for, and it serves a very useful purpose. (in theory, i dont read the thread so i dont know whats up there now, but i got good quick help from people there when i joined).

this thread, however, is more for people who are really searching and trying to understand more about the SF aesthetic, and want to improve their look through buying better items, and understanding which items to buy, and why or why not. if rudals had posted a million ties in the AAQ thread asking which is good, or had jr posted all those links to navy SCs/suits asking which was good, they would have been berated, and justly so because that is not the purpose of that thread.

here, a poster who really wants to learn, and is willing to accept the SF ideals and forgo their preconceived notions and ideas for a bit (but not entirely forgo their free will, as rudals has fairly rejected certain items that he just did not like, but also concedes that he needs much guidance) can press and press and press with questions and links and pics and will be guided with answers as to why or why not said items are good or bad and why or why not they would work for their needs. rudals need was CBD, jungles was staple navy SC/suit, someone else may need help pairing SCs and trousers properly, who knows.

it does not really matter the specific need, its more for people to get concerted advise about a specific need and they can keep going until they finally get it. and along the path, as people explain the reasons and whys and why nots of these items that one is having issue with, it brings about discussion, like we had with neat ties, so people can understand why people are recommending, or not recommending, certain things for the needs of the person in need. (fuck yeah run on sentence)

thats how i see it anyways.

also, i can tell rudals to eat a turd or stop being such a nancy here, and i dont think that flies in the AAQ thread.
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