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quote name="in stitches" url="/t/375309/noodles-good-natured-advice-thread/1365#post_6913078"]A few things as i am catching up.

1. jungle, that is probably the best purchase you have made in your life, hands down. I am legit jealous.

2. Rudals, Id like to jot a few notes towards your attention:

You are impetuous by nature, and that is fine. Kind of. Slow down and think as you go along. Snapping pics in 8 different suits and getting good advice is fine and dandy, but if you never stop enough to think about things based on what you have learned, you will be relying on others indefinitely. Sure, that may be fun for this thread, but its not ideal for you as a real living human being.

I like that first gray suit a lot, the fabric and color seem quite nice and I like Zegna. However, please make the following 2 mental notes.

1. When you take those mirror selfies you are lifting your arms which in turn lifts the body of the jacket and makes the button point appear higher than it does irl. Now, I dont know if you want to put your arms down and ask an SA to snap a pic, or take it home and have a friend/your woman do it and then bring back the stuff and buy what you like, or some other option, but the way you are taking the pics is not helping you to reflect how the suit actually looks, which is really the most important thing.

2. As it relates to button stance, some people are very specific that your belt buckle should never show when the jacket is buttoned. EVAR! Some people don't care, and some even like it, especially those who wear lower rise pants. You will inevitably get people yanking you each way. A lot depends on build. For example, due to my girth, and my leg to torso ratio, I am much better off with the buckle out of sight. DerekS however, almost always has a visible buckle and he looks great. He is both taller and skinnier than me and has longer legs, so the visible waist line does not skew the appearance of his proportions.

This is one of many many areas where there is not, per say, a right and a wrong, there is only a what looks best on you. You need to figure that out, and stick with it. Know in advance that there will always be people that do not like it, just like HF did not like my light tan shoes and navy suit, and that is fine, because if it looks good, and you are following a specific path with knowledge of what you are doing, and you pick one camp over another, thats is A-Ok.

Thats all for now. smile.gif[/quote]

Now, that is worth reading and considering Doodals et al

Stop learning? Never.

Well said S nod[1].gif
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The Inglese looks better due to the more tapered waist. Definitely send back the Mazz. It doesn't fit you and isn't worth altering a $200 shirt in the waist.

You may want to look at Barba "Black Label" shirts. They are well tapered, and darted. Also look at Finamore. Stay away from Borrelli, those will probably fit more like the Mazz.

Kamakura is great too. Tokyo Slim and New York slim fits.
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Re those shirts, really impossible to tell with low rise jeans which skew the way it sits at your waist and having not ironed them (and the tuck looks a bit dodgy). I'd try both with a higher waisted proper pair of trousers and do a better tuck and check again. I'd make a bet that the mazz is more comfortable especially if sitting all day at a desk.
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So JR is BIG TYME now!

Thanks, Cleav!
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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

So JR is BIG TYME now!

Thanks, Cleav!


You're v welcome S
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I'm all growns up!


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Well said, Stitchie. Where am I going to be in 6 months if all I do is just ask and rely on other people to make decisions for me. That's why I thought hard and long and pulled the trigger on this fine suit!

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Just kidding.

Anyhow, the 1st suit was too short like everyone said. The other one was nice BUT I didn't like the fact that the lapels had gotten a tad bit narrower on the Milano. What are these so called brand name designers doing to their suits?! The color was nice BUT it was too similar to the dark navy blue that I have.


The money from the refund went to the Permanently Restricted Engagement Ring Fund. No more suits but I am going to order these ties.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Gray Piccola Grenadine Silk Tie #13


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Burgundy Piccola Grenadine Silk Tie #3


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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Dear Claghorn, 


Thanks for educating me and helping me to do away with everything that is from Needless Markup. Just today, you and the good folks here saved me around $4,000.


But here's a concern that arose while seeing all the activities just from today. How are we going to differentiate this thread from that other thread where people ask a quick question and get an answer? I see that we're different for now. We have a good core group of contributors and we also have those who are in need of help that stick around even after their questions get answered. We have like a good group of dudes and it is almost like a clique. Now, I am not saying we shouldn't have newcomers who are in need of help but I just don't want people to just come here for one quick question and they're gone. It's just a thought. The only solution that I can think of is to hide this thread so that it isn't TOO exposed to the public. I think we add good people SLOWLY but we need to avoid people who just come her for a quickie. 





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I think Noodles raises a good point if this thread becomes non-stop one-off questions from randoms.  Perhaps applications are necessary for those wishing to become the next Noodles.

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Originally Posted by New Shoes1 View Post

I think Noodles raises a good point if this thread becomes non-stop one-off questions from randoms.  Perhaps applications are necessary for those wishing to become the next Noodles.

I think you meant that in a sarcastic way. But people like JungleThug, JRD, and even L2Reform are people we know from WAYWRN who ask good questions and are open-minded. But if we get inundated with people who come here for a quickie...then it just might become another Ask a Question Thread. 

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Rudals, don't worry, soon enough your wife will make all of your decisions for you.

Glad to hear the engagement ring fund is being looked after.

Ties look good.

I have some thoughts about why and how this thread is different than the ask a question thread, but I'm on my phone so have to type it out later.
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What I like about the thread is that using Noodles tie needs was an excuse to talk about ties, pattern matching and other more fine points all with the aim of
Helping someone systematically. Mostly, that worked well and was interesting. Then we moved to suits. Shoes are next I suppose.

I like the group of posters here and am glad Doc, bourbon blasted, Henry carter and others have found there way here. I'll stay around so long as the core is active. It won't last. Nothing does. But I expect a good run.

Why not have an occasional topic? The scale issue/neats on stripes was an example. Instructive etc. MC topics you might talk about over a beer.
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I have a busy few days without checking SF and come back to this thread having 800+ unread posts. WTF.
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Ill bet you are at full chub.
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I think we need projects. Like I was a project...maybe still am but we everyone pitched in and I accepted their suggestions and moved on.

We should focus on individuals and help them out with their needs. 

I would be distraught if this ever becomes a Ask a Q thread. 

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