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If it is possible to be done, David will get it done!
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You can do whatever you want really, but David does it the same way I do for un-tipped ties. I'm not a fan of fully un-lined ties, especially with light stretchy fabrics like grenadine and some printed silks and the lining with an un-tipped tie removes a lot of the bulk that many tipped ties have without compromising knot tying ability.
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Re: Hober grenadines, I go with 4 fold, lined and self-tipped. I suspect that self-tipped grenadines are more CBD than untipped grenadines as well. I also believe that the standard construction used to be 3 fold for grenadines and was changed to 4 fold at some point so it is possible that depending on how long one has been buying Hobers, one might have both.
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I like.
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It's a good conservative tie, perfect for what rudal's does really. Just so you know the image on the site is a bit out colourwise, I've swapped over to a new platform and it's done something a bit funny to a lot of the images so they are being replaced one by one as I get time. This one has a pink tinge to the image but this is more what it's like

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Yeah. If the description didnt say white dots I wud have thut pink dots. This is very nice.
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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

thanks. would not kop either. one is herringbone and the other not 100% wool. both are cool but neither fills that staple blazer need imo. those would be complimentary imo.

I disagree. Given JR's proclivity for rougher, more casual jackets, I think it would fill that role. For a lot of us, it wouldn't be our staple navy blazer. For JR I suspect it could function quite well as one.


and to be clear, I'm referring to the style, not the blend ;)

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perhaps, but im still not sold. also, i could never get behind a "wool blend" with synthetic stretch fibers. no one should buy that.
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Here's a better alternative from Howard Yount for about the same potatoes:


This lined un-tipped thing is good.  Exquisite Trimmings' cheaper tie line (Antonio Muro) have a similar arrangement - without a lining they would be stupidly thin.  But of more relevance, so does Shibumi's grenadine, worn today and demonstrated for your pleasure and delectation:


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If Yount made longer jackets, I'd be all over that. Given that JR wears L, I suspect they'll be way too short for him.

But that looks like a great piece.

Also, I asked emptym to change the thread name to something slightly more appropriate.
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I noticed - although give the racial and personal abuse that's accompanied some (OK my) advice, it's not entirely accurate.  Still, marketing is marketing.


And you're right: I have one jacket from Yount - one of only two RTW jackets I wear and ironically my most thumbed piece on SF!  But it is a little short on me in a 44, and I'm  only 5'11".  

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lol thread title change.
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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

lol thread title change.

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Not too fond of it either (sorry, Clags). The previous title had a nice stealth nature to it. Who knows what's coming this way now. How to prepare perfectly al dente fusili?
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