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This thread is a gem. Never expected this sort of dialogue on styfo, but have really enjoyed being a part of it. fing02[1].gif
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Originally Posted by unbelragazzo View Post

A single person's iron law of kids conversation: Once the parents get started on it, it's impossible to end it.


And right after this comment a coworker walked in asking if I thought her baby was cute (she brought him in for a little bit yesterday).

I chased him around the clinic since it was deserted. That kid is hilarious!

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Also, not sure this is real but it made me laugh.


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Originally Posted by New Shoes1 View Post

Are we still talking about kids?

I laughed.

And, yes.
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I'm posting too much today (sorry), but I bought those chukkas. Hoping they work out!

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I fell asleep on the train and missed my stop. Just called mommy to pick me up.

Have a good weekend y'all~
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Going to see Royksopp this weekend! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Originally Posted by jungleroller View Post

Going to see Royksopp this weekend! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Nice. Just put on Happy up Here//Junior; thanks for the suggestion. Very upbeat stuff for a downer guy. Have fun, mang. Edit: Listening, I'm reminded how much I like the Karin Andersson song, obviously a bit darker tho. Oh yeah, there's two.

Btw, has this evolved into Noodles' Good Natured Parenting Advice Thread? Ughh
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Originally Posted by jungleroller View Post

Going to see Royksopp this weekend! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif



I went to see them in New York once several years ago, having driven all the way from Philly, only to discover that they were going onstage hours later than I'd thought. I had a plane to catch very early the next day, and had to turn right back around and go home. One of the more ridiculous and disappointing moments of my life.

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Also, to all you fathers here with sons, I'm cureious: how many of you have strong feelings about passing on your sartorial passions to your offspring? I can say with certainty that I would not be here (on this forum) were it not for my own father's obsession with clothing, something I share with him to this day.

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By the way, I believe you have mentioned your want to build your wardrobe from scratch. What are you trying to get? Do you have a wish list?



Yeah I do but I'm just about to get a bunch of stuff which I'll post here as they are in progress so you can see, but I'm going to decide what to get after I have a feel of it.


While I actually agree/appreciate your taste/style (I think I'd try to dress much the same if I worked in a similar enviroment), I dress for such a different circumstance I'd get different things. I think I'm leaning towards way fewer suits and more odd pieces. Of note I am getting a whole bunch of different odd trousers this trip which makes more sense as people around me don't wear ties very much. I'm getting a light blue + light brown linen on top of the tan + brown I have, brown corduroy, fawn and olive moleskin, cream (for blazers especially), french blue, and forest green wool trousers, and mid gray flannels. idk it might sound weird but I've mulled through it a lot and I feel like it gives my wardrobe the most versatility due to where I go (a mix of london and cambridge/countryside). After that I am getting mostly blazers/SCs aside from my PoW suits which will probably fill my suit needs for a while.




I'm probably one of the younger members on the board, I'm 25, though I feel quite old already. I mean, I round up to 30, that's like no longer a kid. +1 to whoever said we sill act like kids so it's like having kids.


Probably won't have children, as my partner doesn't want to (feels strongly against pregnancy as well), but even personally I don't feel at this point I'm necessarily responsible enough to take care of it. I feel like bringing children up is a huge responsibility and seeing awful parenting everywhere makes me feel more and more strongly about it, and I have a lot of respect for parents who do commit to it. Not many people go into having children with plans to being a shit parent, but things don't always go as you plan, and I recognize that it's a lot harder/more complicated than it seems. I'm good with children though. I'd make a great uncle. Which I am, an uncle, but you know what I mean.



Other news: I just got back to Hong Kong and my father has 3 basically new suits from a while ago he picked up and I wonder if I should take them. There's like no chance he'll wear them, but they are fused and obv not that great. I think the cuts relatively stylish/acceptable though and it seems like a waste. Should I keep them/get them tailored? It's cheap to alter stuff here fwiw:


Black 3 button (or 3 roll 2? not sure) suit:

Note I pinned the back to indicate how much I'd get it waisted, which I didn't do for the other pieces, I think the charcoal/black ones all need to be tightened, trousers all shortened, but otherwise "okay" advice/help would be appreciated. Also I know people don't like black suits much here but I don't mind it too much so if that's your main argument against these it's not as big a deal personally.





Charcoal stripe-textured






Tan 1 button suit.






I'm thinking I'd keep the 3 button and the stripe one for some variety. The tan looks already but I feel like tan worsted wool is kinda weird. 

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One of my boys likes clothes; the other couldn't care less. The clothes horse has a suit, and the other has a blazer and gray pants.
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Speaking of chldren I can't wait for my nephew to be old enough for me to shower him with Loakes shoes and other articles of clothing.

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@Isolation, if as you say, you don't mind wearing a black suit, that would be the only one I'd keep. I don't like the cut of the other two at all, the tan one is especially awkward. The proportions are off, IMO. On top of that, the tan is too close to your skin tone. Not flattering.
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My Dad was definitely into dressing well. I didn't learn much from him as he passed away when I was 10 but I do remember going to a local Tailor (Raymond Levine -Flossmoor IL) many a times when I was a kid. I was trying to find some pictures but he was always in a 3 piece glen plaid. Maybe Mr. @Despos remembers Raymond Levine?
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