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No judgement, it does sound though like the woman not having the most say or choice in it. Or can you imagine the father presenting the candidate to her and she saying "nah, he is not my type"?

Well actually my mom was working in Northern India as a nurse and was home on vacation and had seen a few guys herself and said no to all of them. Also, my mom actually had the upper hand in the situation of her and my dad. Her family was rich, she had a good education, a good job, and her family was well respected in the area. My dad's parents both had passed away, growing up they were always extremely poor, he never went to college, and moved to Saudi Arabia right after high school to make money. My mom said she liked my dad because she thought he was good looking, had a good personality and could hold a conversation. My dad still always holds this over her head and says he was such a bad ass that he convinced some rich girl to marry a guy like him within 10 minutes. My mom responds "or the other guys were that bad that I settled for you".
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Originally Posted by The Noodles View Post

Very nice photo, Monkeyface. Here's part of where I live and work. 


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



Not bad Rudals, that's certainly much nicer than where I work.

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Noodles, what is the beef between Koreans and Taiwanese?
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Originally Posted by mimo View Post

Noodles, what is the beef between Koreans and Taiwanese?

It's Japan. 


There are thousands of reasons:

1592 ~ 1598  - Japanese invade Korea.

The level of their brutality was inhumane.

They cut noses and ears off of Koreans and take them as prize.

Take plunders that are yet to be returned


1910 ~ 1945  - Japanese colonize Korea. 

Assassinates the Queen and dissolves the monarchy. 

Ban Korean (language) from being used.

Ban Korean names from being used. 

Implement Japanese education.

Kill Christians.

Kill independence supporters.

Force Koreans into slave labor, the majority of them die.

With start of WWII, force Koreans to join military and trick girls into becoming sex slaves.

Biological experiments on prisoners.


After they get their asses handed to them by the Americans, they have yet to apologize for any of their past actions and even have started to distort history. 

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Uh...why such an absurd video when talking about a serious topic? Those idiots aren't even Koreans. I am picking up a Viet/Chinese accent and they can't evem pronounce Korean cuss words properly.
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borderline offensive.

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I read that Indian parents prefer male children than female because when they marry, the male receives her dowry. Is this correct?


Also, the Unification Church performs mass arranged marriages. Here's a recent video:


ABC News Video on the Unification Church



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That's a cute story. And I will leave it at that.
Originally Posted by Monkeyface View Post

Thank you, Cleav. It feels good to have a home, especially in such a lovely area:

You may colour me jealous. smile.gif
When living in the Kingdom the wife and I "commuted" (we resided just 40 miles west on or off the M4) to London very often. Loved it, and miss it a lot. Wife said she never felt as much at home anywhere else, incl her native country. And she spent time in Oz, Spain and Germany.

Haven't seen that street IRL but could bet I did in films and tv series.
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say you're sorry!!!
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I leave this thread for 6 hours and what the hell just happened...
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This is pretty basic world history come on. We have Wikipedia ffs.

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I just came back from watching a Korean movie at a theater in the U.S.
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snow piercer?

saw it and HATED it/

@in stitches u seen it?
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No. I downloaded Snowpiercer but someone told me it is a waste of time.

We watch Admiral: Roaring Currents.
It happened to be about Koreans getting their butts kicked by the Japs during the 1st Japanese Invasion then beating the snot out of them to the point that they dont return for another 300 years.
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