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Shoes: Narrow fittings

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After leaving HK and not having the luxury of wearing made to measure shoes anymore, I've been searching for a decent fit in English shoes. The Herring 11028 is a last that fits me pretty well. In Church's shoes the Burwood is a good fit.

Can anybody give me some other brands and lasts that may suit my narrow foot, a Loake 1880 perhaps?
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Loake is a no go for narrow feet. The only good options are: AE, Alden, Florsheim, Meermin New Rey and Olfe, Carmina Simpson and possibly Oscar and Alcudia.

13 UK D / 14 US B with low instep.
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Originally Posted by ApplesHK View Post

Can anybody give me some other brands and lasts that may suit my narrow foot, a Loake 1880 perhaps?

The 11028 is actually from Cheaney. They make some shoes for Herring.

The Burwood by church's is made on the 81 last. It's available in both F and G. Presumably, you mean F but it's hardly a narrow last.

Anyways, another last that probably fits similar to the 81 is the 026 by Loake in F which is also used in the 1880 line. Herring has also some shoes on this last as well.

Hope this helps.
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Are you wearing "narrow" (e.g., Cheaney E since I think F is their standard)? Are there any price restrictions?

I find EG and G&G to have a nice snug fit. Vass' U might also fit the bill but the instep is higher than most from my experience. If you're in the US, try Paul Stuart's Stuart Choice line made shoes by Grenson (fondly using the old "Masterpiece" standard). They are marked in US sizes but I my experience is they run narrower than most.

Good luck!
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Adding to this. When talking about genuinely narrow lasts the 026 does not even come close to being narrow.

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Cheaney offers a narrow D width. In US sizes, I am a 10C to 10.5B, and Cheaney 9.5D works well for me. Some Italian makers also offer narrow sizes or just come narrow. Ferragamo offers narrow widths (US B), though beware of the quality of some of their lines, esp. their Studio line. Barrett comes narrow. Some Cortley/Cortina/Martegani come narrow, and they show exactly the shape and dimensions of all their lasts for all shoe sizes on their website.

Also, for serious outdoor shoes and boots -- I mean fully waterproof gear for hiking and mountaineering -- the only brand I have found to fit well is Asolo.
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In the US, it is possible to get some English shoes in narrower sizes made specifically for the US market, e.g., C&J for Brooks Brothers, and the Grenson for Paul Stuart mentioned previously. However, some import lines only come in standard US D width, e.g., C&J for Ben Silver.
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Thanks for all of these helpful suggestions gents. I'll do some research on all of them.
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