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I need some help on purchasing glove for the cold weather in New York. I am quite new on purchasing and identifying good quality gloves.


However, I had a glove in mind from  Ralph Lauren. I want to ask if anyone had purchase a Shearling glove from ralph lauren and what comments do they have for the product. I read review that RL's shearling gloves are great quality. I am asking because I am quite afraid because of the shell is made from 100% suede. As I have also read that suede is a terrible material for usage in precipitation, which I intend to use it for during the snowy or rainy times in cold weather.


Link to the shearling glove I am referring too:


Please correct me if I am wrong. The term shell for glove is the outer part of the glove. The lining is the interior of the glove.

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Nice gloves. If you handle wet things in cold weather suede is a mistake as it will soak up liquid.
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I am not going to get it now. Thank you for the advice.

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I once had a pair of J.Crew women's shearling gloves that looked very similar. I took them to my local dry cleaners and the process removed the softness, so you may want to give special instructions to the cleaners.

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