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Originally Posted by scruff View Post
Red ties are only good for whimsy.

This tie is cool... is it a Leonard? Hermes? Ferragamo? or....

And that looks to be a kangaroo? or more likely, a fox? in riding gear? God I love this tie...
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I find I have a lot of red ties. First batch are all wool; second includes (at left) Hober's version of BB #1 and a Hober grenadine, my favorite of the bunch.

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Had to revive this thread as I just bought a great red tie (50oz silk by H&B) last week at C21. I love this silk and already have the same tie in blue and was going to buy it in brown too but have enough similar browns.

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Great posts. I love red ties with little white dots=flowers, characters, symbols, etc.
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Is it bad form to bring back a thread that has been dead for eight years?


I agree with Manton that most red prints are bad. The intensity of red means that the tie, if used for business, ought to be simple. Very simple.


Just bought a Brooks #3 repp stripe in red and white. This my only red tie and will probably be worn once or twice a month.


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The best red ties I can think of are textured solids (grenadine, wool), simple white repp stripes (such as the one above or the one below from Kent Wang), or red ground with white pindots.



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Simple navy stripes or pindots also work instead of white.





Gray or navy suit, blue shirt, tasteful and non-shiny red tie. For when you've lulled the office into thinking that you only wear dark soporific ties. Use sparingly.

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Originally Posted by oldsmobile98 View Post

Is it bad form to bring back a thread that has been dead for eight years?


Not if it gives you a chance to see this...


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Thanks for reviving this. It's an important issue, which deserves more discussion than it's gotten. I agree with you that Manton overgeneralized: red (i.e., crimson, which is the hue of most of the ties you posted) ties can look good IF they're in heavily textured fabrics with little sheen--slubby shantungs, slubby linens, spongy wools and cashmeres. I think a crimson grenadine is so shiny that it's in dangerous territory, but it can work in a Garza grossa. Something like Patrick's in post 122 above, or these socks:

The Charles Hill grenadine fina that was posted by AlanC on p. 3 of this thread is pushing it for me. For me, a tie should be an accent--it shouldn't dominate an ensemble. That one's in danger of dominating any ensemble, because of the sheen of the fabric combined with the saturation and intensity of the crimson hue. But I suppose there are some contexts in which it could work.

As for repp weave silks in crimson, I just can't get behind them, no matter what kind of pattern, print, or contrast colors they bear. I think repp silk crimsons dominate an ensemble because they add the smoothness of a repp to the sheen, saturation, and intensity mentioned above. (That Kent Wang double track stripe might work on a bright summer's day, but it's getting into cherry territory, which isn't really crimson and is not too far from maroon. In any case, I'd like the KW better if it were a slubby shantung or linen for summer wear.)

As for scarlet and similar hues in the light red range, which the blue polka dot you posted last is headed toward...I think Manton was about right about those. I have trouble envisioning any fabric in which a scarlet tie could look good. I suppose some washed-out scarlets in linen might work, and maybe also some spongy and soft cashmeres or wools like Patrick's solid wool in 122 on the top right.
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:) Let me repost my B-brother red tie. Thought the pic isn't that attractive :)

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Sometime it is fun to wear a frivolous tie.  This red tie is a '"puzzle"tie. It reads diagonally left to right starting with the time on the clock. The tie is "The Baseball Score" 

Paul Winston

Winston Tailors/

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