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For those in nyc

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Anyone interested in arranging a little get together of those of us in the city, or near vacinity? I thought it might be fun to maybe grab a bite for lunch and chat about our mutual interests. Maybe we could all go to the Bergdorf men's store and drive 'em crazy.
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Dan, I may be in NYC in August or early September, and I'd definitely be interested. On another note, I'm very close to Chicago, so if any of you plan to be in Chicago...
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Im in.  Though I would prefer late July or the first week of August.  Just don't laugh if some of us aren't wearing 5k Kitons or 1k Canali suits for that matter.
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Lol, I doubt there would be a dress code.
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NYCDan, I think that's a wonderful idea. If I were anywhere near NYC, I would make a point to come. Unfortunately, I only leave Texas a couple of times a year, and it's usually not to visit NY.
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Well, I'll be leaving Texas to come to NYC next Wednesday and Thursday. Gotta go onward to Purchase, NY though to go visit PepsiCo. Probably won't spend much time in the city. Still, if something were planned, I would make an effort to show up...
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I'll be there from the 14th-21st...
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I'll be there from the 14th-21st...
Well, as one of our leaders, we should try to include Steve. How about we try to plan something for Tuesday the 20th.
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I'd definitly be there, but unfortunatly I'm in LA for the rest of the summer. Have fun though.
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Lakshmi Mittal might make a guest appearance, for all you doubters.
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I was just about to post a message on the clothing section for a NYC get together...beat me to it Dan. Anyway, just let me know the day and i'll show up. For anyone else passing by the city, if there is no date set up for a gathering when your here, just PM me and i'll be happy to join you for a drink.
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So is this going to happen? Its your baby Dan.
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Wednesday and Thursday this week, I am there... I'm on the phone right now, booking my flight.
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Good news, I'll be returning to NYC on the 22nd, this thursday. Let me know if something is going on.
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Keep me posted... I'm in NYC as well. Pete
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