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L.B.M. 1911 Fit?

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I am looking to purchase an L.B.M 1911 sport coat and was wondering about the fit, if I should size up or not.  Anyone have experience with their blazers and have a reco on how to size with them? Thanks in advance.

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They fit shit. Construction is also not fantastic no canvas or spalla camicia.

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that bad huh?  I wasn't planning on spending full retail, saw some on sale online in the $225 range, no good at that price point?

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I suggest save your money and get some boglioli stuff for the casual look way better!

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thanks, best place to shop for Boglioli sport coats?

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Or, they fit really well, have some really interesting fabrics and can be found on sale for great prices. If the brand is good enough to be carried by forum affiliates No Man Walks Alone and Epaulet I imagine there's something positive to be said about them. As for fit, the sport coats  tend to run small and narrow which was why I never cared for them. Then I found a jacket on sale in my size but it was a long, it covered my butt, fit well (it seemed cut more generously than the typical LBM), was easily affordable and now resides in my closet along side a host of fully canvassed sports coats.

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Originally Posted by dijor View Post

They fit shit. Construction is also not fantastic no canvas or spalla camicia.

There is no canvas is any washed, unconstructed jacket, including Boglioli. Only a small amount of fusible along the lapels. I don't own any LBM1911 myself, but they definitely have the shirring associated with spalla camicia. Boglioli has the advantage in fabrics. 

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I have an LBM 1911 blazer in cotton that I wear during the summer and I have a number of Boglioli blazers as well.  I would say they are both great for what they are (casual jackets).  In terms of materials and construction quality, I would say that the LBM is most comparable to the Coat line of Boglioli while the K Jacket range would be far nicer.  LBM is cut pretty trim, high armholes, slim arms, good waist, and a bit on the short side.  Mine has functional cuff buttons but was sized with reasonable length arms so I could get make a minor alteration to length without any issues.  I would gladly buy another LBM1911.


BTW, canvas construction and unstructured blazers are mutually exclusive.  Saying an unstrutured blazer is crap because it has no canvas really means you just don't like unstructured blazers.  As someone who owns a number of unstructured blazers from several manufacturers, I can honestly say that LBM1911 (as well as the Luigi Bianchi Rough, Lubiam, and Luigi Bianchi Mantova lines) are nice and a fine example of the style.


If you see one you like, I say go for it.

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I have 2 LBM 1911 suits. One is unstructured and unlined - Beautiful suit and fabric , other is fully lined and fused - with not so great fabric. 2 suits fits completely differently. I have high shoulder and slim waist. Thus no padding on shoulder works really well. Just keep in mind their sizing is all over the place. One of my suit is drop 8 other is 6 and both are in completely different cut and different fabric quality - they even had different tags and different label design and in different locations.
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Corneliani ID has a similar aesthetic (soft shoulders, minimally constructed), but fits better than the LBM 1911s. No high buttoning points and super short lengths. (A 40R in Corneliani ID runs about 30 in length; the LBMs 40Rs fit stupid short, around 29)

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^JRD you need to get some 36 or 38 for us skinnier folk. 


For unconstructed jackets, I know of: Boglioli, LBM1911, Corneliani (some), Cantarelli (some), Canali Kei, Lardini, Belvest Jacket-in-a-box, and recently Finamore Napoli. 

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^Trend Corneliani is fused construction is that right ? I am a 34-36r do you have anything in my sizing ?
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Originally Posted by MrGordon View Post

canvas construction and unstructured blazers are mutually exclusive. 

I'm not sure that is correct. If you can make an unstructured fused jacket you can have it made in canvas as well, maybe not if it is washed.

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Here's a definition from Brooks Brothers site:

An unstructured sport coat, also referred to as a “unconstructed,” “deconstructed,” or “soft” jacket, is precisely that: a jacket with less structure. Unlike traditional jackets, an unstructured sport coat will have a soft shoulder, no internal canvas, and usually will have no lining other than along the shoulder and through the sleeves. Put one on—you’ll feel the difference immediately.
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