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Funniest thread I've read in ages. Good effort. :slayer:

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I'm glad you like it. It would be wrong for me Or For Anyone Trying To Make An Earnest Point to make reading something tedious. Obviously however, some people don't like being told Their Highly-Valued Sensibilities Of Prestige Such As That Derived From Attending A University Older Than Yours Are Just Worthless In The Minds Of Any Right Thinking Person, as you can see in some preceding posts.


Here's the article I wrote, which was linked in the first post



A few more words about Prep

There is this term, “Neo-Prep”, and for the reasons I outline below, I am not sure that it is even something that Preps would or should recognize.
I am not sure that Neo-Prep is a useful term at all, but it is an interesting one. Has Prep really changed? Yes, there has been an immeasurable increase in the number of people writing about Prep, and Seeking To Be Prep in the last five to ten years. There is Prep and there is Not-Prep - hard to define - easy to recognize. Prep is a lifestyle, and a Prep’s Prep is a Practical Prep, as I write about on my modest site. Preps are not conscious of becoming Preps, They Just Become Preps. There is a core to prep, but it comes naturally, and should not be forced on anyone through the use of Advertising Campaigns, although it is obvious that some of these brands have hit the mark in showing us what could be the core of prep. What preps are raised to look for and practice (I like to call them the Tenets of Prep) are 1. quality 2. longevity and 3. utility 4. frugality. 
As I travel, as Preps have done to Europe and elsewhere through the ages, I have developed a sense of what it is like to not have a huge wardrobe or house in which to store my belongings, and belongings, and fashion, are how many people define Preps, although Preps should not be defined only through these things. I guess you could call it Hobo Prep: “Hobo Prep is a Practical Prep. Its the Prep’s Prep Style. For a Hobo Prep is a Prep’s Prep, and is in a sense the Ultimate Prep. Put your beanie in the back pocket of your newly tailored Brioni suit pants if its practical - easy to access and easy to walk with, and a much needed protection if you do slip on the ice on the cobblestones.” Ultimately however, “Hobo Prep” is nothing more than “Prep”, and perhaps like Neo-Prep, doesn’t deserve a category of its own. Hence the lack of hyphen, For A Hyphenated Prep Is No Prep, as we Preps Do Not Believe In A Hyphenated World.
I say this while writing this from a cafe, where I can feel the presence my warm woolen gloves in my other back pocket as I sit. Ultimately, Prep is about a way of life, and a way of raising children, or being raised as one yourself and following the Tenets of Prep - these are more important than any one fashion item to any Prep.
This was my comment as it appeared as a reply to an article on Ivy Style about “Neo-Prep” written by a Mr Daniel Calvert Greenwood, a descendent of suppliers of cloth. 
Neo-Prep vs Madison Avenue’s Take On Prep As A Function Of Their Clients (XYZ Brands in the Fashion Business) - what’s the difference?
The Hobo Prep 2013

Now, where can I go about enrolling in a program at Cambridge? I would be interested in experiencing some of this "Prestige" spoken of here. 


Or perhaps I won't, because I realize that at the end of the day, Preps Are True To Themselves, and Place No Institution Above The Efforts Of Its Individuals, For An Institution Is Nothing But Something Made From Those Individuals.

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Of the threads I started, this is one of the most useful:
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Originally Posted by steveabdn View Post

Your opening statements about the quality of education that "preps" receive does make the point about your spelling relevant.

I like the argument that the Europeans wouldn't exist without the help of the Americans, given that the USA wouldn't have existed without the European involvement in the first place this is an extremely circular argument with no winner.

If Prep means being a douche who doesn't believe that people should be allowed to subscribe to an idea that they weren't born into then you can have my khakis back.


I cannot see any argument that the Europeans wouldn't exist without the help of the Americans. Spolier Alert before You Read That History Book: 

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
What I can see is a refutation that somehow the Old World Is Superior To The New Worlds: All because people in some nations in Europe (especially England) cannot come to terms with the fact that their huge Empire of the 18-19th C came to an end when they were beaten by a bunch of farmers and then in the 20th C we - and the Australians and Canadians - did our level best to save their backsides from their own diplomatic blunders and civil wars twice last century - because they sure couldn't do it themselves. You're welcome, by the way.

As for your last sentence, being Prep has little to do with being born into something, and this topic has little to do with people being allowed to subscribe to an idea. It has everything to do with the explosion of nonsensical blogs and sites that have nothing to do with prep And Yet Claim To Be All Things Prep, When They Are Not, because the writers of these sites do not understand that prep is not a fashion, or a trend, or garments made in Bangladesh by people who Would Do Anything For A Meagre Salary And A Job In A Factory, and other indicia of these sites and writings.


It is an interesting phenomenon, and I otherwise wouldn't care to write about Prep, but these sites deserve to be commentated upon. I don't pretend to know everything about Prep, but realize that, yes, I am likely one such person, and so are my extended family, and It Is No More An Accolade Than Being A Merchant Of Goods, for Not Every Merchant Of Goods Is A Prep, and yet May Be More Esteemed Than Any Prep, Because He Is Providing A Valuable Service To The Community, And Doing So In A Courteous Fashion, which is an indicia of being a prep, but Not Its Whole Definition, and so preps do not regard the term prep as making them Better Than Other Men, Because This Is Not How Preps Would Think.


There's more to it, and there's more to it than what I happen to think about it: hence the invitation for comment. Reasoned, well thought out, non-"retaliatory" comment from people who feel left out when they hear the word prep. 

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"prep" word count in this thread: 236

lets see if we can push it to 500
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I'll bite.


Pretty sure a bunch of farmers wouldn't have been able to do squat without the help of the French. Or the rest of the world deciding to go to war with the British at that time on four continents.


Regardless, that's irrelevant to the quality of education. As is America's role in the world wars.


(Agreed HF. Enjoyable.)

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Perhaps you could start another thread about the Substantive Debate About England's Failures of Diplomacy And Failure To Come To Terms With It's Presently Impoverished State As A Result Of It's 20th Century Civil Wars In Europe, and the help it received from outside, And Its Failure To Make Recognition Of This Appear Relevant in another thread?


The topic is about TSOPAPOTI - The State of Prep, As Published On The Internet, not about a particular nation's citizens' sense of identity vs that which is sold to them by their state broadcaster or otherwise (my comments were directed to an off topic retort about How All Superior Cambridge And Other Institutions Of A Particular Nation State Are When They Are Not, and were not intended to start a debate about that topic here).


Back to the topic...

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This is Sylvester the Cat
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Dear Sylvester,


How do I get cheese stains out of my boat shoes?




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Tom & Jerry

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Which are totally irrelevant to this thread... but not surprising given that not everyone is a prep.


Being a Prep In This Day And Age Is Hard Work, and So Is Having A Discussion About It...


Or so it seems.

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You do realise it was called a World War for a reason?

Civil war occurs in one country

England is part of Great Britain

Which course is it you're planning to do at Cambridge?

Back on topic, without a definition of what you're talking about there's no way anyone from outside your little club can contribute
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Interested in knowing who's sock @TheHoboPrep is. Or maybe an Andy transplant?
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i feel like this could be a new trending thing #hoboprep
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