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Proper Suit

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I've seen some good review online from blogs/websites. Not sure if they are somewhat biases - I was wondering if anyone has first hand experience with them and has any thoughts on the suits you got. Thanks!

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Although I can't speak to the fit of a Proper Suit suit or tuxedo just yet, I did get fitted for a tuxedo a few weeks ago and although my experience with custom fitted suits is fairly limited, I was impressed.  Just as a background, I have many suits from a custom tailor in Knoxville, TN called John H. Daniel.  Until moving to ATL, this is where I got most of my suits. My Proper Suit fitting was head and shoulders above that at JHD. I can't begin to tell you how many different measurements were taken, but the gist of the experience revolved around me trying on several different sized jackets and pants and Richard (one of PS co-founders) meticulously taking  measurements to determine how my fit compared against those of the jackets and suit pants I was trying on. 


When it comes to quality of the fabrics, I don't know enough to make a determination on how they stand up to most of the suit fabrics discussed on SF. However, I eagerly await the delivery of my tuxedo, which should happen in the next couple of weeks. At that time, I'll have another fitting with Richard to make sure everything is correct and if not, the tux will be sent back for alterations.


Assuming things go well, I plan on buying a few suits and a sports jacket in the next couple of months.


Hope that helps..

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If you have some "good" reviews that satisfy why are you asking. If you use 'search' you will find if anyone has had the misfortune to use this manufacturer, I suspect not.
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