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For Sale:
Zam Barrett Black Coated Overlocked DNA Jeans Sz - 46

Will Ship To: ConUS

Up for sale is a pair of Zam Barrett black coated overlocked DNA jeans in a size 46. The texture the coating makes on this is really really nice. I'm selling them only because I had them tapered from the knee down, but now I feel like they are too slim for my liking. Tapering has been done by Zam himself, so the overlock is still as it should be. I haven't really worn these out because I bought them, tried them and decided I wanted to have them tapered and sent them in a few days after.

Comes with the tag as well as the dust bag.

It is a bit hard to measure these, but here are my measurements:

Waist (bands aligned) : 15.5 - 15.75 in.
Thigh : ~12 in.
Knee (hard to say where the knee is really since they twist around and are curved, and would also depend on the length of your legs) : ~6.5 in.

I can't really tell what the inseam is either because they are curved. But the inseam has not been altered at all. Just a taper around the knee to below the calves.

If you need me to re-measure in any particular way, want other pictures, or need more information, please let me know.

Face to face in NYC welcome.

ConUS only right now.

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