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We really don't need two pocket square threads.

Take further discussion over to this thread
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Edit: pocketsquareguy, just missed your comment. forgot to refresh before posting.



Getting this back on topic...


Tieless in the first picture. Perhaps the poof is a little large for some people's tastes. On the other hand who knows what it might have looked like throughout the day. Sometimes it slides down, other times it's a little more exposed. Perhaps because my coat might have pulled it out a little when doffing it.


Second square is a slightly more unusual fold (for me) that I was experimenting with for a while. For some reason I only like it with really thin fabrics.




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while i respect your intentions,
i disagree with your "this is the rules" Mantra, as some other threads suffer from it too. and i am skeptical on having a discussion with "affiliated vendors" as what they(or friends) are selling is "better", and your personal choice/ experimenting is wrong. i would rather stay here in the grass roots style of thread. - no offence intended.

this thread is a free thinking,entry- level discussion. (yes confident members can post) asking members if they wear a square? and if so, why this one?
with pics, and narratives. -with no B.S.
-allowing those who want to start with squares to experiment, use their imagination, and gain options, - not doctrine. from anyone who wants to share their ideas.

- Including net- sourced tutorials on making them yourself, learning the fabrics, and various ways to make use of color and/or texture.
it is an entirely different mantra.

you are welcome to post pics, and tell us why you chose a particular one in partnership with other elements.

if you want to teach, participate in this method to illustrate your thoughts, viewers can emulate, or post their own concepts.

this thread is a sharing concepts thread. i wish to maintain the o.p's original question, and the threads name/purpose.
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Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy View Post

Such is life on the internet. Idiots like Naive Jr spring up everyday. That won't change. All that matters is that some of us enjoyed ourselves and got some value from it.


Indeed, although I did respond to Naive Jr, I do hope the questions asked and info provided were or might be helpful to some. It just got to a point where I didn't even know what to respond anymore, and just thought "Let it go, this has nothing to do with pocket squares anymore..."



Originally Posted by daDudeson View Post

Finally this is coming to an end, I was wondering how much longer it would go on in circles.


Many good answers have been provided by different people and yet it feels as if this thread is deliberately being made fun of… Not cool :confused: 


I don't feel that way, there's just one person who posts somewhat awkward responses who puzzle everyone.
I also think those answers could be helpful, especially to people who don't want to read through the entire existing PS thread when new here.

For the above mentioned reason, I'm also in favour of keeping this thread. I feel the existing thread doesn't really provide a place to comment about why people do or don't wear a PS, and what they've based their decisions on. I feel it's become more of a PS fans meeting place, with the odd question now and then.

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Originally Posted by size 38R View Post

while i respect your intentions,
i disagree with your "this is the rules" Mantra, .

If you think I am promoting rules, you have misread my posts. I promote suggestions based upon my personal experience. I also warn guys of things based upon my own previous mistakes. There are some things that just don't work. i.e, wearing spring and summer colored pocket squares with winter clothing or certain color combinations. Sorry, but everything doesn't go with anything. There are some things that just don't look right. If you want to wear anything, go ahead. But most of us are looking to share hints on refining our overall look. And that requires some editing and choices to determine what works and what doesn't.

By the way, if you want to express an opinion in the other thread regarding the look or quality of any brand or affilates pocket squares. Go ahead. A healthy discussion is welcome. There is a bit too much of a heard mentality where guys are buying based upon the brand name and not how a pocket square actually looks. So other points of view are encouraged.

Anyway, no further post in this thread for me. All other PS post will be in the other thread.
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