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Has anyone lived life both as a fat person and a skinny person?

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Or skinny and fit, fat and fit, etc.


I'm wondering how differently people treated you, and how changing your physical state effected your overall life?

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Fat-skinny to skinny, then fit and somewhat muscular followed by fat and strong. Weight went from an out of shape 6'3" 235 to skinny and sickly looking 175, to 195 and fit, and now 260 and strong. When I was out of shape no one paid me any attention. When I was 175 everyone thought I was dying. At 195 and muscular I had the most positive feedback from women (best pussy-getting physique). Now at 260 and strong I think people are mostly freaked out by me. But, whatever.

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Or skinny and fit, fat and fit, etc.


I'm wondering how differently people treated you, and how changing your physical state effected your overall life?


I am 31, and since I got out of the Military in 2005 at age 23, I have always either been at or near my fighting weight of 175, or my lazy cheeseburger eating weight of 210.


When I am fat, my friends, family and coworkers always lie tell me that i am not overweight and that it is all in my head. When I start getting back in shape they tell me that I am too skinny and to stop losing weight.


Since this is a style forum it should be safe to assume that anyone reading this sees the value in having a nice appearance. I have seen a few dudes that are 40 pounds overweight  posting pictures in expensive suits and asking how it fits. When my waist is a 38 I never buy anything other than perry ellis or CK slacks from Burlington, all of my nice stuff is 33 or 34 waist, because I just don't see the point in paying for expensive cloths just to polish a turd.



To answer the original question, changing my appearance has effected the way that I feel about myself, the first impression that I make on others, and I physically just feel better.

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I've always been a big boy. I was 300lbs at 5' 8". Probably 30+% of bodyfat - I was fat, miserable, not a lot of self-confidence, no chicks would even check me out.

Now I am 215lbs at 13% bodyfat. Veins everywhere, big, ripped. - My self-confidence is much better, people treat me better, chicks check me out - LOL.
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i was 260 lbs of shit in high school
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I am 5'8". I was 200 lbs when I graduated college and was miserable. I felt like a fat slob (and dressed like one). I decided to get into shape and join the Army when I was 24. I got down to 150. I put on a lot of muscle when I was in the Army and got out a few years ago. I'm not 190 and sort of flabby and getting fat again. It's a rollercoaster. Trying to get back down.
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I was fat as a 9-15 year old, then was skinny. I'm now more athletic build and much more happy with overall appearance. This is especially so as I'm 43 and at an age where most men I see are totally letting themselves go. Appearance doesn't matter to women nearly as much as it does to men, but it is nice to look relatively better than most men in my town who are near my age.

I remember being very upset and self conscious as a kid as people would say cruel things and I never wanted to have my shirt off. This could never be avoided as I always played sports and was often "skins" as we practiced "shirts vs skins" or as I would go swimming a lot.

As I got thinner, I was certainly more noticed by women and my confidence gradually improved. I still love food but am much more careful about what I eat and how much I exercise.
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I lost 100 pounds, so yes. One thing I realized is that girls like having sex with skinnier guys.
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when you are skinny, every girl likes you, when you are fat, every girl .....won`t look in your side

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Graduated high school at 140 lbs.  Weighed 190 lbs 2 years later.  Dropped to my lowest point of 155 lbs in a year and half after hitting my high point.  Now I fluctuate between 160 lbs and 180 lbs depending on diet and amount of weight training.  Normally when I gain weight, it usually means my body is more muscular, so weight can be misleading.

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was up to 195 in hs - was in shape, and looking at my hs photos, not sure how i tipped the scales at anything over 170.

got up to 235 before i had my first kid, when she was born, quit smoking and got down to 171.

currently at 190, would like to get down to 180, but i've looked worse.

at 32 year of age, under 200 lbs, i feel like i'm some kind of a supermodel around my peers.  what a slob infested crapfest of a society we've turned into.

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The most I have weighed was 225 at Christmas break in 2007. I was 155 lbs as a freshman in high school, and a rather short 5"3/5"4. I was 185 for quite some time at 6"2. I am now at 165 lbs at 6"2, and trying to get down to 155.


I considered myself a weight lifter for around 2000 to 2008, and was decently strong (benched 275 2.5 times without a spotter), though overweight, before switching entirely to running. I train 0 (when injured) to 85 miles a week. I should break a 2:55 marathon this year, ideally closer to the 2:40-2:50 range, and have a lifelong goal of breaking 2:30 (5:40 average mile pace). I would like to race at around 147/148 pounds, and then maintain 155-160 for the rest of my life. I am not as strong as I used to be by any means, but am not weak either. My endurance and speed have increased significantly. 


I switched to a vegetarian diet in Maui of all places, in July 2012, and then dietary vegan around October 2012. I made the switch after being frustrated with my inability to reach 70-75% carbohydrates (10-15% fat, and 10-15% protein) in my diet, which is what I think I need when training. I see my dietary veganism (I wear leather, wool, and silk) as a way to stay healthy, avoid the garbage (and arguably cancer inducing) hormones and chemicals in meat and dairy products, help out the environment and the other creatures, and to make it harder for me to put on weight. My wife and I have been tweaking our diet ever since, getting rid of vegan "junk food" (i.e. Oreos), in favor of organic (mostly) fruits, vegetables, and starches. 

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