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what types of casual shoes can be worn with jeans?

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I am 20 and in the market for a new pair of shoes. I am tired of wearing Nike tennis shoes with jeans all the time so I want something different. I am looking for a casual shoe. Are there any styles you guys recommend? I sort of like brown wingtip shoes but I don't know if you can wear those with jeans. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I wear brown leather boat shoes, suede brogues, and black oxfords with my jeans. You can also wear non hiking boots, brown leather shoes of almost any kind (no square toe), and many other types of shoe. It also depends on jean color and quality.
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I often wear a pair of reddish-brown penny loafers as casual shoes.

'Course, penny loafers seem to be one of those things that some people love, and other people hate.

The ones who hate them sometimes dismiss them as "old man shoes." Since I've been wearing pennies since I was a teenager (I turn 51, this winter), I don't happen to associate penny loafers with any particular age group.

Anyway, they'd go just fine with jeans. Which isn't to suggest that they can't work perfectly well with chinos, dress pants, etc.
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I wouldn't wear boat shoes or oxfords with jeans. I personally prefer boots with jeans and casual pants. Something like the C&J Islay, Allen Edmonds Dalton and Alden cap-toe boot all work with jeans or casual pants. If you want recommendations for other brands/styles, you may want to visit the Streetwear and Denim subforum.
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Boots by Frye, Cole Haan, or R.M Williams. each are affordable for a guy who usually pays$$$$ for air max and jordans.

Frye: "James" Boots



Cole Haan "Cooper" Boots


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R,M Williams "Craftsman" Chelsea boots.




many styles and colors to choose from, and  are worth every dollar.


Classic brown chelsea boots are a win.   then you could look at "Trickers" shoes.

there are more adventurous choices, but i'm giving you the "try this first advice".


ultimately, be comfortable, and ensure it all ties in together in your own flavor.

Good Luck!  

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Okay now I am intrigued by a dress boot. However, these are out of my price range. Are mens chukka boots okay to wear?

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I'm a big fan of wearing brown suede chukka boots with jeans, such as the classic Clarks Desert Boots:

I also just bought a pair of Tyndall cap-toe boots from Johnston & Murphy, and the beautiful caramel-tan colour looks great with denim:
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Originally Posted by gfloridafan93 View Post

Are mens chukka boots okay to wear?
Depends on the chukka boots in question, what you'd be wearing with them, and the situation where you anticipate wearing them.

Otherwise, it's like asking, "Are men's green pants okay to wear?" It just depends.
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Okay I am planning on wearing them with jeans because I wear a lot of them. What do you think of these?
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Would these be okay to wear with jeans?
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Absolutely. Those are definitely for jeans. However, they're really ugly. Something a little more basic that isn't trying so hard to look rugged would look better. I would search around here and the SW&D side for chukka recommendations, and dark brown suede would be a good choice of color. And buy the nicest ones you can stand to pay for. Shoes do a tough but important job so you don't want to skimp if you can help it.
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a little help ..

can't beat Doc's for street cred. and these are pretty nice. (the Brown ones)


and a good cheap pair worth buying both colors!!


not my auctions, but did a bit of searching for you.

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Another vote for maroon/oxblood reddish-brown slip-on penny loafers. They are the perfect middle of the road shoe. They look casual enough to wear with blue jeans and dressy enough you can get away wearing them with a suit.

Purists, I know, claim that more formal lace-up shoes should be worn with a suit, but I think as overall mode in which people dress for work and business has become more casual, that rule has been forgotten.

If you live in the frigid north lands where trudging around in sloppy snow is an everyday fact of life, my favorites are either a durable Chelsea boot, Bruiser boot, or Chukka boot, made by the Skechers shoe company.
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I would say anything except for oxfords is good in my book.

Chukkas/boots with jeans are a favorite of mine, but I would also do monks, blutchers, and loafers...
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Why cant you go for a brown shoes. It looks awesome on jeans. Even i have tried.


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