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Often seems to be the case in B&S that what sounds like a good item unsold is unsold because the seller's communication is terrible.  There's been a few times when sellers have just failed to get back to me, or have terrible photos (or photos that don't show some aspect of the item) and don't get proper photos up, or whatever.  I've made a few good purchases off B&S (including the suit I'm wearing today and a couple of my favourite sports coats) and encountered some great sellers even when I haven't ended up buying due to sizing issues or someone else getting in first, but some sellers just don't seem to want to sell.


It'll be great once it's possible to search B&S by size.  I keep an eye on new listings and occasionally on bumps but trying to actually search listings is a fool's errand and with all the bumps going on if you don't keep an eye on new listings you'll never see new items come in because they'll be buried under all the bumps.

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I believe search improvements are coming in the near future.
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This thread is actually becoming hard to keep up with. @jreigen & others thank you for the mentions!

The B&S has some tools you can use right now, but there never was a "How-To" primer IIRC:

1. In addition to browsing either MC or SW&D classifieds, you can refine all of the listings by "Category" and then further with "Sort:"

2. Sort allows you to filter by the default "Last Updated" (most recently bumped), "Most Recent Reply" (perhaps the idea to feature hot listings, similar to the old forum), "Newest" (@BaldwinP - this might be helpful), and finally "Price" (Low-High, High-Low).

3. From here there are lots of options to search B&S. Say you're looking to buy a SC and have a budget of around $350 - you can browse by price point:

BUY/SELL/TRADE: MARKETPLACE - "Classic Menswear Classifieds" [subforum] - "Suits & Blazers" [category] - "Price (Low-High)" [sort] - Page 7

Many of you probably already are aware of this, but if you had tried sorting like this before it was quite frustrating (at least 50% of listings should have been closed). Some of these categories now are down to a mere 2-10 pages - now actually browsable in their entirety. The "cleansing" is definitely not complete, but some categories are worth sorting differently / saving a few links:

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@marblehouse, great work!
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@marblehouse: Yeah, I use the "Newest Listings" option almost exclusively.  It means I miss bumps with new additions or price drops but there's just too many bumps to keep an eye out for stuff like that.  I try to subscribe to any thread I think I might be interested in if it gets to a price drop.

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Two NWT Kiton silk scarves,$135

damn,really want one,but no budget on a scarf at the moment...need sell something ASAP:brick:



New AS shoe in UK11.5, $135


New Stuart Choice in 12, $200

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I can never find shoes for that price in my size.

Some other cool stuff to watch

George Cleverly 9UK

GG Arran 10UK

Carmina Chelsea 10UK
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If theres a way to make someone the forum admin for B&S, I nominate you, @marblehouse.
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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

If theres a way to make someone the forum admin for B&S, I nominate you, @marblehouse.

Not sure if serious... because he already is

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I think this SC looks really nice:


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Originally Posted by jreigen View Post

NWT E Zegna sport coat 50L EU for $220:
A great deal. Would've purchased if i was R.
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wow that borrelli is insane, and a 38 to boot, so tempted, if this is unsold b&s is at its worst
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Probably won't be for long.
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