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Caruso and Belvest jackets by SKV:
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@Notch offers the best deals on Vass MTO shoes ANYWHERE. If you know your size, you can get a Vass MTO cordovan for close to the same price that some stores charge for Vass OTR calf shoes.
One pair of regular calf shoes (MTO or RTW): $700
One pair of ILCEA calf shoes: $840
One pair of cordovan shoes= $840

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Great ideas
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Two NWT Kilgour French Stanbury suits in staple colours for under 300. These were made in Shanghai, and were higher quality - not the old licensed rubbish. Great if you like a British cut.
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blazingazn is selling double-sided spherical cufflinks he makes by hand, using either Lapis Lazuli for $30, onyx for $23 or custom stones at cost. I had bought mine from a Savile Row company for much more, and without silver hardware unlike the offering here. Will be buying soon.

I'm surprised his products didn't gain much traction thereafter, but member glenjay began selling all-natural, non-toxic shoe polish and shoe care products some time ago. For $19.95 apiece that's a great deal for a product that doesn't have much competition in the market:

There are accompanying photos on his site and in the thread.

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This is a great thread.

Also, had no idea about Notch's proxy service. Very good to know.
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Good idea this, gents.
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Great idea!

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Thread Starter 
Nice to see this thread picking up speed.

Another +1 for the cordo Marlows from @eddievddr10, these are fantastic shoes. Nice spot with the Lapis cufflinks above, thats a great price.
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Great thread! +1 to glenjay's stuff, got my first order from him a couple of weeks ago.
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This is a fantastic idea.
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I approve, a valiant attempt to hearken back to the days of yore, icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif i would really love offer more things for sale to members at great prices instead of ebay, have so much good stuff in stock and in the works, maybe a thread like this can jump start b&s, kudos to you, sirs
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jump start b&s, kudos to you, sirs

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Originally Posted by jrd617 View Post

@eddievddr10 has some new in box Marlow Cordovan shoes. Can't believe there are still some unsold.

I've bought 3 pairs of Marlows from him so far. Great seller!

LINDRICK CORDOVAN: 9, 11.5, 12, 12
LINDRICK black calf: 9
Marlow Tassel Cordovan: 10.
Marlow Wingtip Cordovan: 11.5, 11.5

Trying to understand and decode that listing gave me a headache. Looks like some good stuff but very poorly organized, written, and outlined.
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