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I think these retail for appx. 750 GBP so quite a nice discount for G&G's barely showing any signs of wear on the soles. Plus a very nice color.
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Originally Posted by jrd617 View Post

Smoking deal on some NIB C&J Coniston boots in 12D. $375!

That pebble grain drool.gif

http://www.styleforum.net/t/374587/fs-size-12d-shoes-boots-bbbf-c-j-coniston-and-ae-shell-bradley/0_50 Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Does anyone know the UK equivalent size on these? I know usual US>UK conversion for C&J is down half, but sometimes its a whole size.
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Another user is selling what appear to be identical boots, except in size US 9.5D for $325.  I usually wear a 10D and not willing to gamble on sizing down, but I have no experience with C&J.



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I was surprised to see these get bumped today since I remember when they were first listed a couple of months ago and thought they would have been snagged. Alden for J. Crew Cordovan Cap Toe Boots in 10.5 - from www.styleforum.net/t/369575/alden-for-j-crew-8-cordovan-cap-toe-boots-sz-10-5-bnib/0_100

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I think that is the point of this thread, nobody is buying anything on B&S anymore no matter what the deal is. I let go of some Lattanzis at $200 and that was so low I was more tempted to just give them to goodwill.
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Two pretty awesome Factory Finds 40S SC's from Southwick for Epaulet.

I'm a 40R so this is the only reason you're seeing this link get posted!

Very nice price of $350 each for half-canvassed, great casual jackets.
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And some nice pants from NYI, too. Again, not my size :/
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Originally Posted by akatsuki View Post

I think that is the point of this thread, nobody is buying anything on B&S anymore no matter what the deal is. I let go of some Lattanzis at $200 and that was so low I was more tempted to just give them to goodwill.

One of the previously mentioned problems is that the marketplace doesn't operate efficiently: browsing is like finding the right insect trapped in a massive spiderweb. It also doesn't operate congenially: offering items below value/group participation has shifted to threads in MC/SW&D. Perhaps with a better organized web with spid...; I'll end this analogy for everyone's sake.

A consequence is that price cuts don't work to generate sales like they did before - it's mostly a negotiation against yourself until the right buyer comes along. Some sellers may drop and see a sale, but others may end up dropping the price well below "market value" - making the selling process somewhat frustrating.

But the takeaway for me is that the B&S will start to do better once buyers start to remember the benefits of having a labyrinthine market. There is such a culture of finding interesting items in the thrift thread/general forum and the B&S items are from people who spend time on a site learning and conversing about clothing. Maybe the outlet clearance deals aren't there, but there are still Lattanzis for $200, MTO shoes, custom made SCs, and ties from makers you would have never seen. You can't simply browse #menswear or #sw&d on commercial websites/affiliate threads without relying on a specific selection curated by an individual or company - or a preset search limited by your own knowledge. I've stumbled across so many nice items and brands that I may have never known about had it not been for the B&S.

That experience is a good enough reason to keep me posting and shopping.
Originally Posted by razl View Post

+1 to Marblehouse for doing an excellent tumblr like culling of B&S.

Those were all posted/renewed within ~ 5 days. These were all within ~ month:

2 outrageously nice La Vera items for a song: Blue Gray SC US 46 & Navy overcoat/rain jacket

EG Galways in one of my favorite rustic elegant makeups - 10/10.5 82

Pure Cash Borrelli - 42

Vass megathread

Howard Yount Summer Hopsack - 36

Panta Navy 6 Fold

G&G Hayes - 7/7.5

Stuart's Choice Cap Toes - 9.5

EG Suede Chukkas withvarnished RLPL trees 10/10.5 - $375

Isaia Donegal Wool/Cash/Silk - 40

EGs - 10/10.5

RLPL Camel Hair Vest - M

Alden Shell Cord and Vass 43.5/10.5

Attolini per Domenico Vacca Grey Suit ~42

EG Loafers 11.5/12

Panta shantung and grenadine

Marshall Anthony (U.S. handmade) Sand Linen and Navy Plaid Wool Ties

Marinella Ties from $89

W+H Service Boots ~10.5

Corthay Vendome 8.5
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Kopped! Thanks Gentlemen.
Originally Posted by razl View Post

My contribution to get things back on track.

I know it's cold and freezing in most of the world outside of Florida (hey, it's chilly here) - but you have to think ahead. This is a spring/summer winner - Borrelli, 100% cashmere, partially lined, and I love the speckling; it's almost like a take on a donegal. Even at a trim 42R it's just a bit too big for me - from http://www.styleforum.net/t/370920/bnwt-l-borrelli-100-cashmere-jacket-spectacular-fabric/0_100

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I'm starting to contemplate the smartness of my decision to subscribe to this thread.
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How come all these great things are not in my size? ffffuuuu.gif Seriously, someone buy this.


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