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Yo, My wife's pops needs some non-shit boots, so being the good son-in-law I am I kopped some alden kudu's for him... He loved them but owing to some foot problems, they are too heavy and are not gonna fly *sadface*. Are these notably lighter than alden's shit? I think he would like the PH safaris but I want to be careful about the overall heft of the shoe. TIA
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Did anybody see these Russell Moccasin dog boots on the Bay??

Fun - and to me - unknown fact about Russell Moccasin.

I think I should see the Silver and Gold pics of Russell Mocs everytime I feel like ordering Red Wings or Yuketen. Russell is the way to go.
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Yea, those Silver and Gold Russell looks fantastic. I should think about getting a pair made from Russell.
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Originally Posted by slide13 View Post

Just thought I would update with some current pics of my Art Carter chukka boots. They have broken in nicely and darkened a little with age. I treat them with Obenauf's occasionally and that is it. Great boots overall, I've been very happy with them.

Does anyone make something similar to this for $100-$150? (Preferably in a wide size)
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Thula Thula P.H. (via Loftman B.D.

BTW, custom orders are 20 weeks wait now. The custom fit of the shoes though are worth the wait. My oxfords are my best fitting shoes hands down.





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Got these off of ebay a couple weeks back and I'm in love! I own several pairs of Yuketens and these are WAY better! Not even close.

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^Nice pickup. I have the same pair. It's one my favorites. I need to figure out more outfits to use it with.
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^ All I wear is jeans and button ups. Go with everything I own. I already want another pair. Maybe chromexcel, might see what a pair like those silver & gold ones would cost to get custom done.
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I used to live in Wisconsin.  Owned at one time or another 6-8 pair of various iterations.  They even make golf shoes!  The fishing oxford may be the most comfortable shoe I own and it's going on 30 years old!  The boat shoe and chukkas are very nice, the dbl vamp kangaroo chukkas are a close second to the fishing oxford for comfort and fairly waterproof.  Their suede penny loafer is very nice looking, not great support wise, so I wouldn't wear it to hike around town.  Oneida chukkas and slip ons are very comfortable, not for concrete, however.  Not a great deal of arch support, if you need it, go with an insole.  The lightweight hunter is a wonderful boot, butter soft. That's all I've got...

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I own a custom Grand Slam Sheep Hunter. If your looking for a well built utilitarian shoe/chukka/boot, this is it.


I've worn them through Maine winters and hiking throughout Maine and New Mexico, they're perfect. It didn't take long for them to form to my feet, and the insulation is a nice touch. I'll try and post some pics later.

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Hey all, new to the forum. Back in November I bought a pair of stock Art Carter chukkas to replace a pair of LL Bean upland boots. The fit wasn't quite right around the ankle and they were still a little big, despite sizing down by half. French veal leather was amazing, though. I returned them and put in an order for a pair of custom Joe's PH, double vamp with air bob sole. 6" height should put them right in between the Art Carters and my old Bean boots. Order initially placed in late November, just got an invoice with expected ship date of March 15, which if holds true would put it just under 20 weeks. Can't wait for them.


I'm especially curious about the custom fit. Works out great for lots of people, but for others it's a complete miss. If it works out for me I may go ahead and order a pair of Oneida mocs as well.

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Go with the fishing oxford vs the mocs, you won't be sorry.  Just having mine resoled, 25+ yrs old. The O mocs are mainly for inside or very light duty.  You will feel every pebble.  But, if you really want them, go for it.

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I have some Russell golf oxfords 10.5 E like new, could be resoled with crepe, etc.  PM me.

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