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All Plaidout will be blogging about their Russell factory visit later this week. Here's the blog's teaser pics: BTW, anybody pic up some RM's recently? I've been on the Quoddy tip for the Spring/Summer.
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I picked up the J Crew for Russell Moccs
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^^^ Fuck off... Where?
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At the men's store on B'Way
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I just returned from a week of wandering around Scotland's Northern Highlands. I wore a pair of Russell's MacIntosh Birdshooters.

Incredibly comfortable boots. This is the most I've worn them since I bought them nearly two years ago so I was still breaking them in. Not that they needed much breaking in. But the boots were still conforming to how my feet cause the boots to wear.

As for my experience dealing with Russell, it's was like Cali's only not as bad.

Russell's customer service is not so much bad -- they're all v-e-r-y nice people -- as incompetent and old-fashioned (as in not automated/computerized). Order tracking depends on which rep you get and how much effort that rep puts into researching an answer. Expect to make more than one call before you learn where your shoes are in the process.

Yes, the box they ship in is a joke. As though they have one size box and ever damn order goes out in that box no matter how they have to cram everything in. And that tissue paper -- Jesus Christ.

Cali's right -- the laces are a bit short. As if they can't be bothered to cut the right sized laces for different boots.

If you get past the quirks in their order processing/shipping methods, Russell boots are amazing.

I noticed that their prices have really climbed in the last couple of years. Russell was never cheap. But now. . .
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Just thought I would update with some current pics of my Art Carter chukka boots. They have broken in nicely and darkened a little with age. I treat them with Obenauf's occasionally and that is it. Great boots overall, I've been very happy with them.

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After 5 months, (1 additional month than estimated) and seemingly endless delays after calling each week for a new estimate, these finally arrived... They even managed to miss the second estimated ship date by a couple of days but upgraded me to 2nd day UPS. They're Triple Vamp Fishing Oxfords in red brown Horween dyed navigator leather with treated leather midsole and vibram ripple sole. They are the most comfortable shoes I own. If you can deal with the wait and possibly getting reprioritized as they meet their larger clients' orders, they are worth waiting for. Russell wouldn't do the loop lace... it's licensed by Nepenthes.
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pic not showing up but I would love to see them, they sound great.
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This thread needs way more pics.
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Nice, I like that shoe a lot. Not my favorite sole personally but overall a great looking shoe. I'd like to get a pair of shoes from Russell for next spring. Should probably think about ordering them soon.
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Just got my first Russells and I love 'em. (Cavalier in french veal)

Does anyone have the Russell "Hiker" and use it for actual hiking?

Thinking of ordering a pair...
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Russells are the best, great craftsmanship and reasonably priced considering the quality. just ordered my 3rd pair (chukkas). Go for the custom fit; it's worth the wait.
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Russell Moccasin Cavaliers in french veal.

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funny thing, I travel thru that town where they are once a month...and never saw the store/shop. Must satisfy my curiosity!
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I love made to measure Russells. My first pair were Oneida Slipons--they're more than 10 years old. Then I bought a pair of Sporting Clays Chukkas. I wore those so much, I thought I'd better get another pair! The first pair are probably 10 years old now. The second pair are a couple years newer. The first pair of chukkas has now been re-soled three times, and the second pair has been re-soled twice. Last time I had them re-soled, I switched from the standard blown rubber soles, which wore fairly quickly, to Vibram Air Bobs, which last much longer.

I found this board by Googling "Russell Moccasin" and Hiker. I'm thinking about buying a pair of made to measure Russells (probably double vamp, leather lined, Hikers or Mountaineers) for hiking and backpacking. There's no substitute for a perfect fit, and most custom hiking boots cost $600 plus.

Back to style--I love Russells for casual wear. My favorite dress shoes are Barrie lasted Shell Cordovan Aldens, which fit great out of the box
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