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Auction New Model 2014 Custom Briefcase by the Joseph P. Marcellino Bag Co.

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We would like to introduce a new, original briefcase style never seen before this charity auction for the Ronald McDonald House.  We strive to keep our designs original and fresh with a classic appeal that any professional would admire.   We have named this briefcase category in honor of the Chinese inventor of paper Cai Lun.  This briefcase will be the first of its kind, not just from the JP Marcellino Co. but it has qualities that no other bag maker has done, in particular an antique hand carved solid brass handle and our Strong Eye Latch design.  Be assured you will have an original first of its kind.



Up for Auction: Cai Lun 2301 Custom English Bridle Leather Briefcase – Hand Carved Brass Handle & Process Photos


Cause: Styleforums Charity Drive for the Ronald McDonald House


Location To place Bids:


Auction Date: Thursday December 27, 2013 (day after Christmas)


Bid Starting Amount: $0


Manufacturer: The Joseph P. Marcellino Bag Company of Huntington New York –


Styleforums Reviews & Process Photos (latest to oldest):


Complete Specifications:

  • ·         Cai Lun style 2301
  • ·         w16" x h12" x d2.5" (cm 41x30x6)
  • ·         Black Premium English Bridle Leather from The Hermann Oak Tannery (main body)
  • ·         Russet “Old World” English Harness leather from The Hermann Oak Tannery (minor parts)
  • ·         Double Solid Brass Strong Eye Latches
  • ·         Hand Carved Antique Solid Brass Handle
  • ·         24” Drop Adjustable Shoulder Strap


Adjustments Allowed:

  • ·         Make entire briefcase with black bridle
  • ·         Smaller dimensions
  • ·         Single solid brass Strong Eye Latch
  • ·         Choice of hand carved solid brass handle



The Strong Eye Brass Handle: These handles are very limited in production and individually hand carved from solid brass.  They are relatively light weight roughly about half a pound and do not add any noticeable weight to the briefcase, in fact it acts as a stabilizer to the top of the bag giving it a very firm feel.  The handle drop is about 2” allowing for a comfortable grip.


The Strong Eye Latch:  You can read more about our original design on the website.  We built this latch style specifically for the professional attorney that is in and out of their bag multiple times per day.   We incorporated a clean classic style that does not intrude in on the bag, a professional environment and the clothing.  It is as strong and secure as a traditional buckle with minimal breakable parts made out of solid brass, but much easier to open and close.  We include a leather loop as an extra form of security which is not normally needed.  Here is a video explaining the step by step process of our latch.






Photos of the Cai Lun style 2301:













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beautiful bag. Can this be made with a tan color?
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The only adjustments i can do on this auction is all black bridle or a mix as you see of black and harness.

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that's fine. i have a good idea on what bridle leather is like but can you describe harness leather? how does it feel? how does it change over time compared to bridle?
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this is an English style Harness leather from Hermann Oak. like the bridle it is veg tan, full grain but much softer. it is actually stuffed / soaked with tallows and waxes to "plump" it up during the tanning process.  if you were cutting it the consistency would be like cutting into firm butter i guess. It is as strong as bridle if not stronger.  it has a rustic look especially as it patinas and darken quite dramatically.  i think in time as the harness darkens and the black bridle fades you will have a really nice looking leather briefcase.  When you add the brass handle and how that will change, especially as the oils in your hand will patina the metal, you will have a beautiful looking Antique style briefcase. 

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can't wait to see this made. i am seriously thinking of getting one. do you have an idea when you will be posting?

i noticed on your website that you have other types of these brass handles, can i get one on another type of briefcase? i like those small thumb latch types
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i should get to this bag sometime next week, i will keep this thread posted.


i can put these brass handles on almost any bag. here are some images from my website of various handles i have in stock.  Some i have 1 and others 2 or 3. These are not mass produced. they are hand made so even if i could find them again they will not be exactly the same.  You need to check for availability before placing an order with a particular handle in the photos, i do not have some of them, for instance the horse that is used in this bag is no longer available.  i looked all over for it and i can not find another.  I usually check local antique dealers in NY and the tri-state but they are rare to begin with and hard to find.
















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i was able to get to this bag sooner than i thought.  Here are some process photos and staging of the various parts of the briefcase with more to come.  The harness leather band on the horse can be removed if not needed or wanted. 












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here are the rest of the photos of the finished briefcase.






I made a custom black bridle snap on strap to hold the leather loops when not in use.  I also made the backside yellow to give it a slight pop with the brass.
























enjoy this briefcase, it was one of my favorites to make.  One of the most asked about in the store.

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