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Curly hair

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I have very very curly dark brown hair, which would reach to the middle of my eyes if it was straight but as is doesn't quite reach my eyebrows. Also, around the sides and back it curls outward sometimes giving me, I fear, what appear to be wings. When my hair is wet everything still curls a lot, except it's just like I want--not as curly and, more importantly, against my head. However, a bit later it's standing up again and drives me crazy. How can I keep my hair down yet not necessarily give it a "wet" look? I've tried washing my hair with moisturizing shampoo and moisturizing conditioner, with just the shampoo or just the conditioner, or by not washing my hair for a while. I've also tried hair spray, which I've never liked, but it advertised not hardening hair (which it still did). I'd cut it short, which I vastly prefer because I don't have to do much to it, but a VIP likes it this way. So I just want something that's not sticky, not hard, and can keep hair in place. Help.
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Kiehl's Creme with Silk Groom has been suggested to me for curly hair management. It doesn't do what I want exactly, but it may do what you want. If I remember right you can get samples from the stores or Nordstrom where it is sold and possibly on their website. It will just add some weight to the hair and it's not too greasy or anything- just don't use too much.
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Kiehl's Creme with Silk Groom has been suggested to me for curly hair management.
That won't work very effectively for curly hair. If you really want to get your curly hair under control you need to relax it chemically. Go to your local pharmacy and look in the black hair products section for chemical relaxers. They usually cost around $7, and you can't do the process yourself in about a half hour.
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