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Only affiliates can post links to their own auctions/sales even in brand threads - this is rarely a problem in SW&D. Also, it seems CM and people in the Alden thread (okay mostly just "Uncle") have no idea how to multiquote and use thumbs. Instead they feel the need to quote and add a one word response like "fantastic".
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Sorry for the late entry.  Pesky family. 



Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post
  Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

This is something that, as a forum owner and administrator, I always think about.  I do not think that segmentation of the forum is the answer, and that is off the table.  Clothing are not cars, or consumer electronics, and is just not amenable to that type of segmentization.  I like the mix of brand, vendor, and random, discussions.  To me, that's what makes a forum fun.  And enjoyable is what it is about.  Yes, the forum should be informative, but a new reader or member who comes, ask a single question, and leave without ever seeing what else is on here, is a wasted opportunity.  Segmentation really hurts discoverability in a forum.  I want this place to be a vibrant community of people passionate about clothing, not (just) an information depot.


However, I hear your concerns, and they are mine too.  


Here are some of the steps I propose, and I would love to get feedback, though, ultimately, j and I will make the final decision.


1) Big, ongoing threads like WAYWN will get an annual reboot, or even twice a year reboot.  We've always done this, but on a not particularly organized schedule.  With regular reboots, (and there will be links to the old threads, obviously), It's easier for people to follow the conversation.  We get net users all the time, and a fit from 2005 doesn't need to be in the thread along with WAYWT pictures from 2013.  Everything will just feel more fresh.


2) The "Ask a Question" threads are... a mess.  I would like to split these off by topic, and also do a monthly reboot.  This way, the topics and answers are fresh, and neither questions nor answers get lost.  I'd also love volunteers who would do things as simple as pointing the users to @unbelragazzo's starter's guide (which will be updated as well), or to answer, maybe once a day, a single new user question.


3) We used to break off threads when a secondary topic comes up.  We've done this in Streetwear and Denim more, but I feel that there is enough rambling for us to do this here.  Obviously, I cannot do this all myself, but it is something with which I can task the "Dubiously Honored" members.  This way, interesting topics that come up as a result of another discussion is not lost, but gets a chance to grow.


How does these sound to you?  Please keep in mind the hard guidelines, i.e. we will not break up the forum into more subforums, and the purpose of these proposed steps - to make the forum more vibrant for "power users" and more accessible for newbies, in mind.  For this discussion, I'm going to keep it focused, and  for that reason, I'm just going to delete any posts that are just general bitching and moaning, or posts going down roads I've already closed off.  Through the years, we've already discussed additional subforums, etc..., and there is no need to rehash those ideas at this time.  


Look forward to hearing your thoughts.






I lurked the forum for years, trying to find answers to stupid sh$t like "Can I wear my double-cuff shirt with a linen suit?" and I sucked a ton of info from you guys.  That's why I decided to join when I moved to Napoli- I felt like I wanted to contribute since I had learned so much.  I don't have a problem with the way the forum is- I think the vendor threads should be clearly identified, but not sequestered.  The Allen Edmonds thread is a cumbersome, pregnant sow, but I have read every single post- same for Good Taste.  I learned more from these 2 threads than I can ever say. 


So- my only suggestion is this:  perhaps a few intermediate "ranks" for members would be helpful for keeping the peace and corralling the new members.  The rank of senior member is gained rather quickly by posting "+1", "Nice Kops!" and such.  But folks like Cold Iron- who is the backbone of the AE thread and is incredibly generous with his time, or Sugarbutch, or Marcolandra and his Napoli information are still Senior Members. 


Stitchy should be deified.  No wait- canonized.  Whatever- Saint Stitches.   



Originally Posted by archetypal_yuppie View Post

The most interesting threads (for me), are the deep dives. Things like jeffryd's(sp?) suit construction stuff, or StuBloom's(sp?) fabricare stuff, or AmericanGent's Matuozzo stuff or the bespoke bags or shoes pictorials. And they spawn all kinds of entertaining clusterfuck arguments.

I would venture to guess that many members/lurkers would agree.

If this was my forum, one of my strategic imperatives would be to incentivize these deep dives and all of their permutations. I don't know if LA Guy partners with unbelragazzo for his vendor puff-pieces or not, but that is one strategy.

I have done a few walk-throughs of my experiences in Naples.  Mainly because it is my unique way contribute to the forum- and I get to provide a way for the membership to visit Napoli without the trip, and to make it easier for anyone who will come to visit.  In Napoli, tine is usually at a premium because folks are anxious to get back to Rome!  I'm glad you enjoyed the thread- despite its major derailing. 


I am working on a few new walk-throughs now-  Piccolo shirtings, the shops on Passeggiata Colonna, and fabric merchants near Via Duomo near Volpe.  Should be up by month's end. 


Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

this is maybe the best point so far. although i came to SF looking for a very specific answer to a very specific question, that is not why i stayed at all. as a matter of fact, after i got my answer i pretty much thought i was one and done.

it was much more the conversation that was taking place around the forum that kept me engaged. the meat of SF never was, and in my opinion never should be, geared on giving concrete answers to very simple questions. do i wear a tux to the prom, is this a nice tie....

sure, all that stuff has a place here, and it is useful and necessary, but the real value of the forum is in the conversations that do not end with a clear cut answer. the conversations rooted in ideas and theories, and ones that leave us with a variety of answers, all based on the opinions of knowledgable posters who have posited very clearly why they think their opinion is right. and that leaves the readers and participants to mull it over and try and work out what works best for them and what is most sensible to their way of dress.

its nice to have a fairly easy way for newcomers to get answers, but that is not what the crux of the forum is imho.


I spent my first months on the forum picking the low-hanging fruit- answering questions about wearing a red tux to the Prom, khakis for your wedding and such.  It gets exhausting, but it is a way to give back to young posters seeking to become more solid in their style.  Nobody wants to look like a tool sack- but most folks just don't know how to do any better.  That is what passers by get from SF.  It is an important element to the experience, but like you say- the conversation is engaging.  I find myself reading MUCH more than posting.  I know you guys and your bathrooms and cubicles, front porches, couches and dining room tables more than I should- but the service that active and prolific members like you guys provide is priceless. 


So I'll just say thanks. 

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We have lost our way. The land lays barren, the masters have either jumped ship or barely lurk. We must return to the marrow; the albumen, yes, that's it. Respect the old, and search for the new. As long as there is even a single man out there who wears square-toed shoes, we must not rest. The future lays within history. The 'do's & don'ts' are incomplete without the 'whys and wherefores'. There is still work to be done. The well is still deep. The sword will rise again.
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Originally Posted by MyOtherLife View Post

We have lost our way. The land lays barren, the masters have either jumped ship or barely lurk. We must return to the marrow; the albumen, yes, that's it. Respect the old, and search for the new. As long as there is even a single man out there who wears square-toed shoes, we must not rest. The future lays within history. The 'do's & don'ts' are incomplete without the 'whys and wherefores'. There is still work to be done. The well is still deep. The sword will rise again.


When did we become a doomsday cult?  Nobody tells me anything, damn it.


Look, when you have a firm date for the apocalypse, could you at least PM me?  Thanks very much.




Ac   ;)




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Study this Wikipedia article carefully and all shall be revealed to you:
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Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post

While we are exploring all sorts of different options for Buying&Selling, we are going to shelve that discussion for now. Because any changes to buying and selling would require significant engineering resources that we cannot commit at this time

Disappointing because there's a large number of people including myself who actually pay for the privilege to use B&S on a more active basis; so where is that money going?
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Originally Posted by steveabdn View Post

I think the "Ask A Question Get An Answer" thread can do with a section to itself as well, each question being a new thread rather than one thread with over 25000 replies

I agree, especially since questions get lost in the fold so quickly. I have a couple of quick questions, but am afraid of started new threads.
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